Meet Frayme, Stella McCartney’s Latest Vegan Luxury Bag


The fashion industry has contributed to the degradation of our environment; however, genuine efforts have been made to reduce the carbon footprint and wisely reuse existing resources. From plastic bottles turned into jeans, to the exclusive use of organic materials and the elimination of animal-derived leather, the fashion industry is in the midst of a rebuild.

British fashion designer Stella McCartney is a champion of sustainability and conscious fashion. Her design aesthetic has been about marrying the environment with fashion and style by combining deep science with high fashion design, and her latest creation is no different. The Frayme Mylo™ is a one-of-a-kind bag that looks great but is vegan. “If we want to save all our skins from the consequences of the climate and biodiversity crisis, we must stop the use of animal leathers and furs by fashion. Mushrooms present a vegan alternative that can be grown regeneratively, renewable, and quickly. How not to be obsessed with these fantastic mushrooms, ”said Stella McCartney in an interview.

Stella McCartney Frayme Vegan Luxury Bag

The Frayme is based on the Stella McCartney Falabella tote from 2009, also the brand’s first vegan luxury bag. The Falabella was also the prototype using Mylo™ that debuted at the V&A’s Fashioned from Nature exhibition in 2018.

Made in collaboration with Bolt Threads, the Frayme draws its raw materials from mycelium – an infinitely renewable network of fungal threads from mushrooms that is a sustainable alternative to animal leather and recycled aluminum chain and zamac medallion. The bag was featured during the brand’s Summer 2022 show in October 2021 at Paris Fashion Week, titled Fashion mushrooms’ – inspired by the 2019 documentary of the same name. All of Stella McCartney’s Summer 2022 is inspired by the wonders of mushrooms. “Mushrooms don’t get the attention they deserve, largely because many don’t understand them or are afraid of them. Our Summer 2022 collection chooses to celebrate mushrooms with optimism,” the fashion house wrote on its website.

Stella McCartney Frayme Vegan Luxury Bag

Mylo™ is a vegan leather developed by Bolt Threads that primarily uses mycelium, a network of fungal threads. As well as being similar in feel and feel to leather, Mylo™ is bio-based, meaning it’s made from natural and mostly renewable ingredients without using chemicals like dmfA and chromium. The fabric is cruelty-free and helps the environment with zero greenhouse gas emissions and less water and land use.

Dan Widmaier, Founder and CEO of Bolt Threads, said, “It has been an honor to work closely with Stella and her team as they innovate luxury fashion with Mylo. Their leadership defining the pet-free fashion category and the sustainable materials championship are leading the way towards a more responsible fashion industry. Bringing the first-ever luxury bag made from Mylo™ to market is a milestone for conscientious consumers, the biomaterials industry and the future of luxury fashion.

The ‘Frayme Mylo’ will be a limited edition of 100 numbered bags. Priced at £1995, the bags will be exclusively available at Stella McCartney boutiques.


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