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DUBAI: Han Makeup, the beauty brand of Saudi makeup artist Hessa Alajaji, on which she has been working since 2017, is finally here to the delight of makeup aficionados.

“Our goal is to have a brand that covers all the products anyone would need to wear makeup,” the content creator who co-founded the brand said in an interview with Arab News. “We started with makeup brushes because we noticed a lack of sets that give you the demands you need.”

Alajaji first gained popularity on social media, where beauty lovers flocked to her Instagram account for creative shots of colorful, otherworldly makeup looks and glimpses into the artist’s life. With more than 35,000 followers on Instagram, it was time for the talented designer to translate her know-how into business.

The pandemic slowed the artist’s production plan, but she said it allowed her to test the brushes with several top makeup artists and users who “all praised the quality” of her set.

Priced at SAR 450, the set includes 10 brushes that will help makeup lovers create sharp eyeliner looks, natural-looking brows, and lightly blended eye shadows.

The set, which is made up of natural and synthetic hair, also has larger tools that can be used to contour, highlight, conceal or apply foundation.

The feedback on his release “exceeded” his expectations. “Customers have loved the brush set and we’ve had amazing feedback. We love that our brushes are among our customers’ most memorable moments like their wedding day, engagement party, New Year’s Eve, etc,” she said.

The Riyadh-based entrepreneur, who has collaborated with international brands like Sephora, is currently working on the development of three new products. “We want to venture into cosmetics in 2022 and launch a few products,” she teased.

For now, her products are not made in Saudi Arabia, but the beauty guru said she hopes to one day produce her brand in her home country.

“We secure different samples from factories around the world like Italy, Korea, China, etc., and proceed with the best quality we get. Quality is the deciding factor, not location or label ‘made in’,” she added.

Alajaji said she always had a passion for the arts. “This passion grew with me as I got older and I started discovering makeup when I was in high school. I fell in love with it early on because it allowed me to express my creativity and art,” she said.


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