New Mom Diaper Bag Cheat Sheet


Diaper bags are designed to hold just about everything you need when you leave home with your baby. It can be daunting for a new mom to figure out what to pack for her baby and for herself. Keeping a checklist handy will help you complete the most important essentials. As you pack your diaper bags regularly, you will find that these items will become second nature to you.

Babies requires a lot of stuff, so you would need a bag that has lots of pockets and storage to put in wipes, nappies, nappies, etc. Today’s diaper bags are designed to hold everything you need to keep your baby comfortable. they are designed to be durable and to be used for a long time.

It’s also designed to look good (meaning it doesn’t look like a diaper bag) and comfortable for you.

What’s in a good diaper bag?

Women today have tons of options when it comes to fashionable diaper bags. A quick check here Bird and you’ll see plenty of content dedicated to helping the forward-thinking mom always put her best foot forward. Additionally, some handbags and backpacks are also designed with the mother in mind – they double as diaper bags.

You can also find diaper bags designed for dads – they’re handy for storing things and look masculine to carry. Most of the diaper bags designed for dads come in the form of a backpack, while for moms, you will also find them in the form of shoulder bags and backpacks.

New Mom Diaper Bag Cheat Sheet

No matter who takes the baby out, a diaper bag should hold the essentials. Whether it’s a backpack or a shoulder bag, here are some tips for looking for a diaper bag:

They’re big – they’re big enough to hold as many things as possible. Diaper bags usually come in different sizes, some big enough for a few hours in the park, while others are ideal for a road trip. Investing in a small bag and a large one is a good start.

They have lots of pockets and organization inside. This helps keep everything in place from bottles, formula, diapers, wipes, etc.

Made with an easy-to-clean material, spills and stains will leave their mark on your diaper bag, so it’s essential to buy one that can be wiped down or cleaned easily. Make sure the outer material is easy to clean while the inner lining is waterproof.

What should you pack in a diaper bag for daily outings?

New Mom Diaper Bag Cheat Sheet

A diaper bag must be packed and repacked each time you go out. This helps ensure you have enough essentials every time you step out the door and keep an eye out for items that need to be replenished.

If you have the budget, you can buy several diaper bags and keep one in the car, one for daycare, one for going to grandparents, and one for everyday outings. This way you have the essentials in each bag, which helps if you’re running late. Here are the essential items to keep in your diaper bag.

Once you get your baby home from the hospital, you’ll want to repack your diaper bag and then repack it before each outing. Here are some things to have in your diaper bag:

  • Layers
  • Baby Cloth Towels
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Diaper cream
  • Portable changing mat
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Additional clothes
  • Baby food (bottle, formula, expressed breast milk, baby food, etc.)
  • bibs
  • Socks
  • Wet bags to keep dirty nappies and nappies
  • Clip Binky
  • Pacifiers
  • One or two light blankets
  • A baby scarf
  • small toys
  • Books
  • Hat
New Mom Diaper Bag Cheat Sheet

The items mentioned above are just the basics. You may also need to change them depending on the season. For example, winter would require warmer clothes and even a warm compress for that extra warmth.

Summer would need a battery operated fan, loose clothing and sunscreen lotion. Maybe you already know what to pack in a diaper bag, but just in case, here’s a quick list. You never know when you might need it:

  • Breastfeeding shirt
  • Breast pads
  • Breastfeeding cover
  • Additional shirt
  • The water
  • Wallet
  • Your keys
  • Toiletry bag filled with your care items
  • Solar cream
  • insect repellent
  • Hat
  • Bandages
  • Umbrella
  • Snacks

The contents of a diaper bag are not the same for all babies. Depending on your needs and those of your baby, you will need to add to the contents of the bag according to what makes you and the baby comfortable. You can always repack the diaper bag depending on what you both like.

The content will also change depending on the age of the baby. You need to consider your baby’s age, developmental stage, the types of scenarios you might encounter as well as the climate you are in. Being prepared beyond expectation is always a good idea for a baby.

How long can you use a diaper bag?

New Mom Diaper Bag Cheat Sheet

The short answer – for as long as you, your baby or toddler need. There is no time limit on how long a parent must pack and carry a diaper bag. As the baby grows, you will find that you need to carry less and less stuff in your diaper bag.

Eventually you’ll realize you don’t need diapers anymore, but you would probably need snacks, books, and other things to keep them entertained as you go through their day while taking them with you.

The thing is, we all carry different bags at all stages of our lives – the contents and their uses are entirely up to our needs. Having a diaper bag with your checklist helps take the stress and anxiety out of wondering what to pack, how much to pack, and if you have the right things in the bag. You never want to be stuck without a diaper in hand with a newborn.


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