New success for Urban Southern leather bags inspired by the Amish


Born Amish and raised into a conservative family, Regina Bauman, founder of Tennessee-based Urban Southern, used her values ​​as inspiration for the handcrafted leather bag startup.

“The emphasis was on simplicity, on not having a lot of things, only having the things that were needed, which were of good quality,” Bauman told Fox News. “When I design a bag, I think of ‘her’, the everyday woman who will use the bag. “

Bauman, who married a third-generation leather blacksmith, decided to open Urban Southern in 2016.

Despite his work ethic and clear vision for the business, starting a business was all new to Bauman. “The first year I really thought it might fail because I kind of had the idea to build this website and publish it and people would find it and buy things. And that didn’t happen, ”she says.

It wasn’t until Bauman’s cousin Meg Delagrange called her one day with the idea of ​​working together that the company really started to move forward. To help tell the story of Urban Southern, Delagrange suggested embracing their Amish upbringing. “We could tell this story about how we were born Amish and we can have a mark for women who have overcome interesting things in life,” says Delagrange.

Rolling up their sleeves, Bauman and Delagrange redesigned the website and focused on their new story. Their hard work paid off when they received an email inviting them to New York Fashion Week, once again changing Urban Sothern’s trajectory.

“Before we knew it, it was our first anniversary and we had passed our first six-figure sales target. And we looked and thought, ‘It’s amazing, we really have something here,’ ”says Delagrange.

Just over a year after opening its doors, Urban Southern’s business is booming and thanks to a blend of old school craftsmanship, Amish values ​​and entrepreneurial spirit, the brand has carved out a niche for itself as a leader in the leather industry.


“In our business we share our stories and are personal … and leather kind of grows on you, especially if you take a piece of leather and you and wear it with you every day, it kind of takes a part of your story, ”says Bauman.

Be sure to watch the full Urban Southern story above.


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