No more queues to buy alcohol! All BEVCO outlets will have walk-in installation from August 1


Thiruvananthapuram: Long queues outside BEVCO outlets will soon be a thing of the past! Soon, drinkers in Kerala will be able to walk to the nearest posh outlet, choose their favorite bottle of liquor, pay money without jostling at the counter or even send money digitally before stepping out while holding a neat carry bag rather than enveloping spirits. an old roll of newspaper.

A refreshing change in your liquor shopping routine is imminent as the Kerala State Beverages Corporation or BEVCO has issued orders to convert all its outlets to premium outlets. Existing ones can be upgraded or moved to a spacious commercial property.

BEVCO has set August 1 as the deadline to convert current outlets to premium outlets.

The Regional Directors have been tasked with converting the establishment. A director-general’s circular warns of disciplinary sanctions against regional directors in the event of failure.

As per guidelines, the high-end outlets will occupy 2,000 square feet of space.

Currently, 163 of the 267 BEVCO outlets do not have walk-in facilities.

The 68 outlets that were closed earlier will also resume operating as premium outlets.

The new alcohol policy contemplates the conversion of all BEVCO outlets to premium outlets.

Last year, the Kerala High Court called for treating BEVCO customers with dignity. He wanted the Excise Department not to treat liquor buyers like “livestock.”

“You (the excise department) are a statutory authority. You have to make sure that those who come to buy alcohol from these stores are not treated like cattle and that those who look at alcohol sold like this don’t are not ridiculed or embarrassed,” Judge Devan Ramachandran said. observed when placing the order.

In 2017, the court ordered the state government and BEVCO to ensure that no nuisance is caused to businesses and residents near liquor outlets.

It was in 2013 that BEVCO opened its first premium liquor outlet. The Thiruvanathapuram facility has self-help counters.


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