NOVAC which expands the commercial extension, searches for talented people and launches a new product with seriousness.


NOVAC, a Korean brand of motorcycle bags. Recruitment of automotive designers to increase the influence of the K design of the signature shoulder bag.

Chuncheon-si, Korea, Jan. 26, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

NOVAC, which is a brand of motorcycle bags, intends to seriously expand the business extension. Through talent search, new product launch, etc., the domestic market share is expanded. And, at the same time, the policy is to focus on improving brand value.

NOVAC suddenly spotted designer Sohn, Hee-jeong, who had made a name for himself as an automotive designer. Above all, through the shocking march of spotting car designers and not bag designers, this has been a problem within the industry.

In connection with the scouting of designer Sohn, NOVAC emphasized that it is about seeking sustainable innovation. In the case of previous motorcycle bag products, because most of them had the design of an outdoor (mountaineering) bag as the pattern, this reflected the feedback that, compared to the past, innovation had plummeted. So, while scouting designer Sohn, applying the designs of sports cars, motorcycles, etc. to the bag, NOVAC’s resolution is to introduce sporty and refined designs.

Regarding designer Sohn, after joining NOVAC, in 2022, which was before the launch, while being in charge of designing the Signature series (backpacks, rear bags and shoulder bags), she had increased the sense of expectation regarding the new series. While carrying out the various works that have adjusted the emphasis on sports designs, she has strengthened the identity of the brand, and moreover, she has the resolution to focus on expanding the influence capacity of the K -design.

While highlighting the fact that she had also done the clothing design major while attending Kookmin University Automotive Transportation Design Department at the same time, she showed the ambition to show design innovation of motorcycle bags with NOVAC.

In addition, when launching the “Signature sling bag”, which is a new product of the “Signature Series”, which are the fashion bags that contain the emotion of the motorcycle intact, NOVAC focused the attention of the industry. According to NOVAC, this product has a patented design (application number – 30-2019-0045016) which was designed by a sports car designer. The use of high-strength TPO material, which is used for motorcycle seats, and the use of PU material, which expresses matte black, are the special features. With this, possessing the waterproof and fireproof functions, the competitiveness has been enhanced.

Regarding this product, in order to minimize the danger of accident resulting from adjustment of the strap of the bag while driving, a one-touch buckle has been used. Thanks to this, wearing in all three forms, including waist bag, shoulder bag and shoulder bag, is possible in just 1 second. As a result, it is easy to use not only with motorcycles, but also with driving a car.

The possession of the racetrack design that had embodied a racetrack that had been used for the base belt, which is the previous tendum belt, and the Gear Aaron, which has the waterproof hip bag, stands out. As such, it’s assessment that the dynamic though simple feeling had been sculpted in attractive relief. The size of the Signature Hip bag is divided into two types, the Signature 10 (4L), which is suitable for touring use, and the 8 (2.8L) which harmonizes as a smart everyday bag.

A related source from NOVAC said, “As a brand specializing in motorcycle bags, right through to the conception of design, production, launch and sales, showing the ability of the bag brand to perform in one only stop is the goal. from NOVAC. The related source pointed out, saying, “In the midst of the research and development period which exceeds 2 years and in the midst of the investment, without sparing, the development cost which is close to hundreds of millions of won, it is expected to recently launch downtown type fashion backpack, motorcycle backpack, etc. in the future.


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