Padma Lakshmi Shares Her Favorite Ways To Cook With Kale


I love using kale because it is a very filling and versatile greens – it holds up well to heat and is richer in nutrients than regular lettuce. When cooking a meal, I always like to stack the deck with as many nutrients as possible, especially when cooking for my daughter.

There are several types of kale, which can sometimes be used interchangeably. My favorite types are lacinato (also called dinosaur or tuscan), curly, and red.

The health benefits of kale: Kale contains a lot of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin A, which is good for eye and bone health and supporting immunity; vitamin C, which helps prevent colds and chronic illnesses; vitamin K, which is good for the blood and bones; folate, a B vitamin that helps in brain development; omega-3 fatty acids; calcium; and potash.

How to store and prepare kale: The most important thing to do after purchasing kale is to wash it and let it dry before putting it away. I like to buy it in bulk, wash it, let it dry and then wrap it in kitchen paper and keep it in an airtight bag in the fridge. If you buy the pre-chopped kinds in bags, be sure to wash and dry them, transfer them to an airtight container and throw in a paper towel, as it will develop moisture and rot more. easily.

Try not to leave the bags of greens in the refrigerator for more than a few days, otherwise they will wilt and you will waste this purchase.

When preparing kale, you want to separate the leaf from the stem. (The stem is incredibly fibrous and is usually not eaten.) After that, you can use it in three of my favorite recipes with kale:

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

This elegant dish is colorful and full of flavor. The flavors deepen the more he rests. You can swap the cheese for a Granny Smith apple if you’re looking to make it dairy-free.

South Indian Lentil Soup (Masoor Dal)

This lentil soup, also known as dal, is my favorite comfort food. It’s what I crave the most when I come home from a long shoot. Every Indian family has their own version – the variations are limitless. I eat it at least once a week, if not more.

White beans with cumin and tomatoes

I love this dish because it’s hearty and healthy at the same time. It’s adapted from a dish native to northern India called rajma, which is made with kidney beans, but swapping them for white beans gives it a buttery and creamier texture, although it’s actually of a vegan dish.


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