Rab finally makes its own sleeping pads — Here are the 5 models


For 40 years, Rab has built its reputation on sleeping bags, relying on forward-thinking design. Now his new gear takes the next logical step.

Since 1981 you can buy the best quality sleeping bag from Rab. Now, for the first time, Rab is a one stop shop for sleeping bags and pads.

The brand founded in Sheffield, England, today announced its first range of sleeping pads. Two ultralight pads for alpine excursions, two mid-weight models and a comfort-oriented motorhome model complete the range.

Details are slim, but here’s what we know now.

(Note: Model number coefficients represent an approximation R-value.)

Ionosphere 5 and Ionosphere 5.5

The two “Ionosphere” inputs are the brand’s backcountry-focused pads. The lightweight construction anchors the designs and aims to limit storage size. The brand deploys Thermo Ionic Lining (TILT) technology, or coated nylon fibers that create a reflective coating, on the cushion to help maintain sleep temperature.

Recycled insulation supports the same effect. The 5 looks like the super flyweight of the two, although Rab hasn’t released physical size details.

Stratosphere 4 and Stratosphere 5.5

The Stratosphere 4 and 5.5 constitute the mid-range of the collection. They get the same recycled insulation but avoid the TILT treatment.

Rab sleeping pad

Like the ionosphere, the stratosphere has outer chambers designed to keep the sleeper in the middle of the cushion. Each Stratosphere cushion comes with a pump bag for faster inflation.

Exosphere 3.5

The Exosphere receives a layer of X-Core foam for added comfort. And it self-inflates for easy camp setup.

Rab sleeping pad

Pricing information was not available at the time of writing this article. Jon Frederick, US Country Manager at Rab, hinted that the brand had priced the collection in an accessible way.

“Forty years of manufacturing industry-leading sleeping bags has placed Rab in a unique position to understand the needs of a backcountry sleeper and how to keep them warm and comfortable,” did he declare.

“We’re excited to launch these new sleeping pad designs to provide a new option focused on warmth-to-weight ratio at an accessible price.”

Rab sleeping pads are slated for a Spring/Summer 2023 release.

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