“Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 14 Episode 16 Recap


It’s 2009 and I’m on my way to the mall with my girlfriends to buy a graphic t-shirt from Wet Seal and a pretzel from Auntie Anne’s. We just spent hours on this new site called YouTube watching Lonely Island clips in between memorizing Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” choreography. I’m happy because it’s my first year of high school, I finally have the right to create a Facebook account, and above all, there’s a new episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta recorded on my family DVR. I come home from the mall, ready to attend the launch of She by Shereé.

Now, almost exactly 13 years after the infamous no-mode fashion show that first aired on October 22, 2009, I’m sitting in a cafe writing about Shereé trying to make a fashion line. Presidents have changed, eight more towns have been added to the Real Housewives franchise, Robyn and Juan Dixon have divorced and re-engaged, and the second coming of Christ is imminent – ​​but still not She by Shereé. I encourage everyone to take a moment and think about everything you’ve been through in the past 4,692 days or so, because it’s been quite a journey. Shereé can certainly relate, as she’s been fired and rehired from the show three (or is it now four?) times during that time. But 13 years were not enough for a visionary like Shereé to prepare for her debut. I lost my virginity, moved five times, and got a high school diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s in that time, but making t-shirts and sweatpants is hard ! I guess that’s why, days away from her fashion show presentation, Shereé struggles to put it together.

Returning from Jamaica, the ladies readapt to life in Atlanta. Kandi takes Ace to meet his acting coach, as he’s never too young to miss a sack, and Marlo plots his nephews’ return. Thirty days after being kicked out, Michael and William return to Marlo ready to prove they’ve learned discipline. She says she is considering meeting with an “educational aide” and seeking therapy for the three of them. She cooks them a labor-intensive meal of reheated pizza and fried chicken while she watches her assistant help them with their homework, which is a full day’s work for Marlo. . The boys are happy to be back living in luxury with their aunt, with Michael admitting he took his own bed and a clean shower for granted. It’s unfortunate and uncomfortable that she used her sister’s life as a “lesson” for the boys, but we can unpack that another day.

Drew recovers from his ankle injury at home; her stumble in Jamaica resulted in a full repair of the broken Achilles and around 20 stitches, but she now has two strong ankles. Shereé and Sanya visit Drew at his house, 180 from their position at the start of the season. I’m not surprised, Shereé has no allegiance to anyone and Sanya flip-flops every episode. They catch up with Drew on what she missed on the last dinner of the trip and Shereé tells Sanya that Kenya felt uncomfortable with Ross’ outburst, calling her aggressive. Sanya quickly calls Kenya to ask her to explain herself. Kenya falls with selective amnesia and rejects Sanya’s attempted conversation. For Sanya, it’s strike three, and she ends the call with a dry “Bye bitch”.

Kenya, on the other hand, has bigger fish to fry as she helps Sheree with a call-in model for the presentation, giving us a great ‘coochie crack’ reminder of her first time at the Bailey agency. . Shereé’s “fashion show coordinator” Rawan helps with the modeling call, although “out of respect for Shereé’s wishes” she kept the demand for IG models low… while tagging Bravo . Sporting a gorgeous Gucci hijab, Rawan is Shereé’s strongest soldier; reminiscent of Sonja Morgan’s enigmatic business partner Gaurav, she gives a slight snake oil salesman energy, reassuring Kenya that everything is more than fine, while for the rest of us nothing adds up . When Kenya wonders why there wasn’t a bigger promotion behind the casting call or why they don’t go through an agency, Rawan has a rock-solid, no-nonsense answer. They’re starting to see the patterns, or as I like to call it, the procession of short queens. The tallest model was maybe 5’6″, but that’s ok because I’m 5’5″ myself and we need representation for those of us who struggle to reach the top shelf!

Still healing, Drew attends Ralph’s photo shoot for his book about his son which she is not allowed to read but writes the foreword for. He gives Kermit the Frog meets Steve Harvey meets a Forex trader with a three-piece pinstripe suit and endless rows of creepily white teeth. The book is about 75% complete, and although Drew was only allowed to listen to the excerpt he shared in Jamaica, in his confessional, she now claims to “see the vision” of how this book could help families. He remains firm in his decision not to adopt Josiah, expanding on his reasoning and saying he is waiting for Josiah to ask to be adopted for himself. He had a conversation with Josiah’s biological father, who attended one (1) of his son’s basketball games. Let’s get the dad of the year trophies printed for these two!

Drew’s mom, however, isn’t with the bullshit. She is disappointed with her son-in-law’s decisions, not buying the flimsy excuses. She reminds him that Josiah will grow up and remember those times and that he may have some resentment towards Ralph. Not that Ralph cares or listens to anyone but himself.

Shereé and Drew decide to co-host a joint surprise birthday party for the Aquarius girls Kenya and Marlo in an effort to bring the two enemies together. To avoid as much drama as possible, they plan the party under the guise that it’s to celebrate Drew’s recovery. Drew decorates his house with streamers, balloons and a Happy Birthday neon sign. There’s a professional chef, DJ and fine dining – it’s almost as enjoyable as any of the RHOBH children’s play dates after school.

Shereé arrives an hour late with a paper bag of champagne and a bucket of apologies. Unimpressed with Drew’s planning, Shereé says she’ll foot a quarter of the bill and somehow isn’t at all embarrassed to say this on camera while wearing a Louis Vuitton dress. She gets a call from a friend in Los Angeles regarding some of the clothes she has contracted out for the show and finds that the showroom doesn’t have the right number of pieces and some pieces are incomplete. Attention, it is nine days from the event. Instead of leaving to take care of the mess, Shereé stays at the party, as filming may be the only stable income she has. The ladies, along with a few relatives of Marlo and Kenya, arrive at Drew’s and await the guests of honor. While waiting for the girls’ birthday, Shereé tells the ladies that her samples (not LA’s) are stuck in…Alaska?

Once Kenya and Marlo arrive, there is obvious tension between the two and the birthday party turns into an intervention regarding their animosity. It’s another repeat of housewarming invitations and the plethora of jabs thrown in between. There really is no resolution, and I don’t think there ever will be, and I’m sick of writing about it, so let’s move on.

Later, Shereé offers invitations in a bubble-wrapped glass box, complete with doll-sized renditions of her designs. Everyone is confused as to how she got the time and money for these invitations and doll clothes, but not the actual line, prompting Marlo to say to the table, “I think you really want to have a party.” She’s not wrong. How does Sheree have those ornate invitations and claim to have spent a million dollars, but there’s absolutely no clothes on?

There are so many people who would jump at the chance to help Sheree bring the longest running Housewives business to life; I’m sure there are plenty of aspiring designers, models, publicists, and advertisers out there who would gladly offer their services to a seasoned reality TV star. Does Shereé tap into any of these resources? No. Instead, she meets Apollo Nida, of all people. Catching up over coffee, Shereé, Apollo, and Apollo’s Scarf discuss Tyrone, whom Apollo encountered while in the crooks’ section of the prison hood or wherever they were. . He gives her a glimpse of loyalty and romance in prison, eventually saying that Phaedra “left him to rot”. In next week’s Love After Lockup: Real Housewives edition, we get a cameo appearance from Tyrone in the flesh. and maybe a fashion show with fashions!

• Kenya and Rawan at the model call made me want to give Rawan a peach. She didn’t take any of Kenya’s bullshit and her monotonous responses to Kenya’s finicky ones cracked me up. Especially back and forth after Kenya insists coordinates be put on photos:

Rawan: “It’s okay, it will make her feel better.”

Kenya: “Yeah, it makes me feel better.

Rawan: “I’m happy for you.”

Kenya: “I’m happy for myself too.

Rawan: “Confetti!”

Kenya: “Mmm”.

Bring her to the meeting!

• Speaking of model appeal, Shereé’s belly tattoos on her leggings and the Kenyan confessional saying the only million dollars Shereé spent was on a collection agency gave me the nostalgia for the chaos of the early days of Housewife.

• Drew’s scooter and glitter cast gives Mariah some Married to Medicine a race for his money. I too long to have matching casts for my outfits if I ever break a limb.


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