Realme GT Neo 3 Naruto Edition: fan service sneak attack


The design of this Realme GT Neo 3 Naruto Edition is its most distinctive feature and, to be honest, is the real reason for its existence. Without him, after all, it’s just another GT Neo 3. What’s impressive, though, is the painstaking detail the phone bears to clearly show its connection to the popular character, not to mention the hoops that Realme went through to get there. More than just a paint job or even a case, this Naruto edition features a few new techniques that set the phone apart, even for the things you can’t see.

The back of the phone is still glass, but you wouldn’t think so by looking at it or even touching it. The camera area that looks like Naruto’s headband looks like a separate part of the whole surface and even looks a bit like metal. The 3D micro-patterns make the bolts of this “metallic” part stand out without creating bumps. The “whiskers” on either side of the black area also look and feel different, almost like shiny plastic against the smooth, matte texture of the AG glass back. And, of course, there are three different colors at play here, again made possible by Realme’s special and expensive manufacturing process.

The aluminum edges of the phone are all black, continuing the theme of Naruto’s distinctive clothing during his final Shippuden days. This color also makes the buttons and holes almost disappear, which is perfect for a ninja-themed design. The GT Neo 3 Naruto Edition stands out clearly and can be easily identified by Naruto fans, but its fiery orange color and strange metal-like camera bump will surely catch the eye of anyone, whether they have or not heard of Naruto.

Special note should be made to the packaging of the phone and its accessories. Rather than just a box with Naruto-themed colors or stickers, the phone actually comes in a cylindrical container designed like a ninja scroll. The charging brick and cable share the same orange and black pattern, and even the SIM tray ejector is shaped like Naruto’s hometown logo. Realme definitely deserves props for doing everything to impress Naruto fans.


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