Review: Pearl Izumi Fall Collection – Relaxed Tech Clothing

It’s cold, it’s raining and it’s now officially winter. I spent this fall riding in Pearl Izumi’s cool-weather collection, which features a plaid button-down shirt that’s as comfy on the trails as it is in town, a set of pedal-friendly pants, a zip-up thermal jersey, and warm clothes gloves, because I finally have to give up my favorite ultra-thin. Now I still carry the whole kit even if the snow starts to fall and the driving times get more mixed. Here are my impressions.
The Pearl Izumi Launch Trail Pants are light, breathable and very comfortable. The pants are well-designed, featuring two thigh pockets with sturdy zippers, smart placement that doesn’t hinder pedaling, and plenty of room for a large smartphone or snacks.

The Launch Trail Pant is available in men’s and women’s styles in a wide range of sizes and is made of four-way stretch fabric in one color: gray or ‘Phantom’. I wrung them out and they aren’t showing any signs of wear yet either, so I expect them to hold up well over time.

Launch Trail pant details
• Sizes: women 2-14 and men 28-38
• Adjustable waistband
• Lightweight 4-way stretch Cordura nylon fabric with PI Dry water repellent treatment
• Usable thigh pockets adapted to the phone
• $ 150 USD
• (male available here)

These pants were very comfortable to wear. They aren’t too hot so I wouldn’t recommend them for full winter driving in cold climates, but they’ve been fantastic when the air starts to get chilly and they’re roomy enough to stack up too. The fit was pretty true to size although I could have taken a size smaller and been happy. I tested a size 8 and would have done well with a size 6, so size down if you get stuck between sizes.

While not advertised as water or wind resistant, they did a good job of keeping the elements out without trapping body heat. These pants are one item that I will definitely continue to look for in various weather conditions.


+ Very comfortable
+ Usable pockets and all the good features
+ Light and breathable

The Expedition Jersey is Pearl Izumi’s version of a classic woolen cycling sweater. It has the three standard back pockets you would expect from a road or cross country jersey, an additional flap back pocket with a snap button closure, as well as a front zip pocket to keep things secure. All zippers are sturdy, the material is soft and the fit is extremely comfortable.

The fleece is made from recycled materials from sustainable sources, in line with Pearl Izumi’s goal of making 90% of its products from sustainable materials by 2022. Like all the rest of Pearl Izumi’s gear, the Expedition jersey comes with a lifetime warranty and can be sent in for free repairs.

Details of the expedition jersey
• Sizes: women XS – XXL, men S-XXL
• Stretch fleece
• Zipped front pocket and three back pockets
• Made from recycled materials from sustainable sources
• Three color options: off white, navy blue and red
• 130 USD
• (male available here)

I found the fit a bit odd, however, perhaps just because the torso was short. I tested a medium, so take a size larger if you are between two sizes.

I really like the idea of ​​bringing retro style back in a functional fleece piece for those crisp rides. Fall seems to be the season for old school cool clothes.


+ Abundant pockets
+ Retro look
+ Very soft

I’m a fan of a good button-down shirt. Therefore, I like this one. It fits true to size, is fairly soft, and is just as comfortable to wear for shuttle rides or around town. It’s made from a soft polyester twill that wicks like any other technical shirt, but has a bit more weight than most lightweight training gear so I think it’s better suited for downhill. , but would not be out of place in cool weather. weather trail or gravel walk.

Available in six colors for women and two for men at the time of this writing, it is also the only garment in the history of the cycling industry to offer more options for women than for men.

Details of the Rove long sleeve shirt
• Sizes: women XS-XL, men S-XXL
• Absorbent polyester twill
• Two chest pockets
• Reflective tape on the back
• $ 80 USD
• (male available here)


+ I like the cut
+ Lots of color options for women
+ Soft and absorbent fabric

The Cyclone Gel Glove is Pearl Izumi’s mid-season glove model, designed to help riders get through their fall rides without freezing their fingers. The design is comfortable, extends higher on the wrists than standard gloves for extra coverage, has a synthetic leather palm with gel pads and a three-layer softshell back to keep wind and water out .

As the name suggests, the Cyclone Gel Glove incorporates gel pads on the palm. While my palm padding philosophy is generally that I want as little as possible, the pads sit well enough on these gloves that I tolerate them, and I ended up using these gloves as my go-to pair when the the weather was getting colder.

Cyclone gel glove details
• Sizes: S-XL for women, S-XXL for men
• Velcro closure
• Gel palm padding
• Reflective elements
• Finger patch compatible with the screen
• Soft thumb patch
• $ 45 USD
• (male available here)

The gloves are available in both men’s and women’s versions, although the women’s size looks quite unisex – the middle fits me quite well, although my hands are quite wide when it comes to the specific women’s sizes. If you are on the fence, trim below.

There is a finger compatible with the screen, so you don’t need to freeze your hands if you want to use your phone. The palms are starting to show signs of wear, but this is to be expected, I have worn them a lot.


+ Relatively warm
+ Comfortable
+ Padding on the palm

The inconvenients

Padding on the palm
Trimming can be difficult for women with small hands

I have fun socks. Cool, eh? They do everything socks are supposed to do, are super thin and light, and are made of a super comfortable absorbent material with no detectable seams. It’s made from recycled polyester that has been treated with PI-dry, the same water repellent treatment the Launch Trail Pant has received.

Available in an abundance of colors and fun prints for both male and female versions, there’s bound to be a pattern for just about everyone.

Details of the high socks Pro
• Sizes: women and men S, M, L
• Lots of fun colors
• Recycled polyester with PI-dry treatment
• Thin, comfortable and supportive
• $ 25 USD
• (male available here)

The size is true to women’s sizes so they were a bit short for me as I tested a women’s M. I am a unisex M and a female L for socks. Take the size if you are on the fence.


+ Comfortable
+ Beautiful absorbent material
+ Available in many fun designs

The inconvenients

$ 25 is a lot for socks no matter how good they are


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