Royal AM owner Shauwn Mkhize shows off expensive Louis Vuitton luggage


Royal AM owner Shauwn Mkhize flew to Cape Town wearing Louis Vuitton for his club’s clash against Stellenbosch this weekend.

The story

The flashy boss revealed her incredibly fancy Louis Vuitton luggage bags as she traveled with her to the Western Cape on Saturday.

Although his mood was dampened by the result as his side ended up losing the match 3-1 in the Hometown, his luxurious manners left an impression.

Scroll through the gallery above to see Mamkhize’s LV luggage bags

Unlimited flex

The businesswoman was seen with three LV bags, including a lightweight 4-wheel cabin suitcase, a duffel bag, and a small backpack.

The Horizon 55 rolling suitcase is said to have four quiet, multi-directional wheels, allowing Mkhize to travel in style. The item also has a retractable handle which you can adjust to different levels of your liking. According to The Luxury Closet, a second-hand mini suitcase could set you back $2,188 (R35,841), so the AM President’s carrier price might even be higher.

The sports bag is also known to be quite expensive, with various high-end fashion outlets stating that it should be no less than R15,000 for a second-hand item.

She also owned the Palm Springs Mini LV bag, considered by the brand to be the essential accessory for sporty urban nomads. It’s crafted from Monogram canvas with supple leather trim and gold hardware.

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