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BOSTON, April 5, 2022 – Boston, we hope you’re ready for us!

As sponsors of Specialty Coffee Expo 2022 and Re:co Sustainability and title sponsor of the United States Roaster Championship (USRC), Savor Brands enters the Expo in a fun and exciting way. Bring the action from technology to packaging, come join us to find out what we’ve been working on!

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The Savor Brands Experience

You won’t know why, but you’ll be drawn to our brand new Savor Brands booth and Pono 2022 coffee bag designs, featuring our rotogravure and new SB5D digital printed bags at booth #1185. This year’s release Pono Bag is our way of showing different methods you can use to create a beautiful bag at an affordable price, without compromising the quality and protection of your beans.


As the show’s enduring sponsor, Savor Brands’ R+R (Reprocess and Repurpose) boxes are scattered throughout Go Green Stations’ operations and showroom, along with our friends at MiiR. R+R boxes can be filled with foil or plastic barrier coffee bags (no Kraft paper products or waste please). Learn more about R+R at

Savor the live app

We’re also excited to share our Savor Live technology. This white label mobile technology is a complete retail experience app. With this app, your café or roastery will be able to livestream events, create augmented and virtual reality experiences, and allow customers to order products to be shipped or picked up in store. Give your cafe or roastery a digital footprint and attract customers anytime, anywhere. This technology will be available to all Savor Brands customers as a free private label service. LIKE YOUR PACKAGING, IT’S YOUR BRAND, YOUR APPLICATION. Download our PONO Coffee demo app from the App Store or Google Play for a test drive. Learn more at

With the PONO Coffee demo app in hand, head over to the Savor Brands booth and take a look at the back-end interface and test out the mobile ordering feature. Orders will be sent to the Pono Cafe in Roaster’s Village in real time; and yes you will order

REAL coffee! Our friends at the Hawaii Coffee Association have generously donated various Hawaiian coffees to taste and order through the PONO Coffee app at booth #11 in Roaster’s Village.

Get a taste of augmented reality using the PONO Coffee app at the Pono Collective Booth, right next to Roaster’s Village. Discover the Pono Collective, a curated collection of coffee roasters, farmers, educational content and more by Savor Brands; You’ll see the app’s capabilities in action. Whether you’re jumping through a portal, scanning bags for a digital experience, or buying a coffee, we’ll be there to guide you every step of the way.

Savor Live’s live streaming capabilities will also be demonstrated in the PONO Coffee app, as our media team will be live streaming portions of the United States Roaster Championship throughout the weekend, as well as the ceremony at the end of the season. ‘episode. While you won’t be able to smell the coffee roasting through the app, you can be there to see who wins this year!

Re:co and SCA exhibition sessions

Members of the Savor Brands team, including Marc Marquez, Arabica Q Appraiser and Cafe Manager; and Josue Gonzalez, creative director, will represent Savor Brands at the Poster and Re:co series.

Catch Marc Marquez at the Coffee Science Foundation Science Poster Session, where he will be available to talk about his research and findings on barrier materials in coffee packaging and their impact on coffee freshness.

Josue Gonzalez will be presenting at the Re:co Symposium as well as the SCA Conferences, where he will talk about improving the retail experience through augmented reality and live streaming.

Also, don’t miss our friends at Pacific Coffee Research (, who donated coffee for a sensory coffee experience at Re:co, and will be using the Pono Coffee Digital Bag to store the coffee.

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Follow the fun

Follow us on our social media accounts where our team will document the show, roasting championships and live stream schedules.

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This press release was provided to Sprudge for Sprudge Press Releases. Interested in submitting a press release? Get in touch!


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