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CLARION CO., Pa., (EYT) – A Knox woman accused of selling heroin was granted a second extension on Wednesday in her case.

Amanda lynn reed, 28, was scheduled to plead guilty to two counts in his case, but his lawyer Robbie Taylor has again requested that the case be continued as there is no vacant position in the treatment court program of the Clarion County. Taylor had previously requested an extension for the same reason.

Hearing no objections from the prosecution, Clarion County Presiding Judge Sarah J. Seidle Patton granted the extension, but noted that she would no longer be issuing any for the same reason.

Reed’s next plea hearing is scheduled for Wednesday, December 1.

The details of the plea bargain led Reed to plead guilty to the following counts:

– Manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver, felony (2 counts)

The following charges would be dropped:

– Criminal use of means of communication, Felony 3 (two counts)
– Intentional possession of a controlled substance by an unregistered person, misdemeanor (two counts)
– Possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor (two counts)
– Use / possession of drug-related accessories, misdemeanor (two counts)
– Endanger the well-being of children – A parent / guardian / other commits an offense, a misdemeanor 1

Reed remains housed in the Clarion County Jail on monetary bond of $ 15,000.00.

The charges stem from an undercover operation that took place at the end of June.

Case details:

According to a criminal complaint, CNET made a controlled purchase of twenty bags of heroin stamps from Amanda Roseau in exchange for $ 200.00 in cash using a Confidential Informant (CI) on June 22.

The IC communicated by cell phone with Reed prior to the transaction and agreed to meet at a known location in the Knox area. CNET agents then observed the transaction, the complaint says.

According to the complaint, Reed then contacted the IC again, and the IC agreed to purchase ten additional bags, meeting a second time at the same location.

Following the second transaction, Reed was apprehended by CNET agents and returned the money she had just received from CI.

The complaint notes that Reed told police that the bags did not contain heroin because it was “ripped off” when she bought them. She also returned the money from the previous purchase; needles and empty stamp bags were found in the same bag as the money.

Reed was arraigned on related charges before Judicial District Judge Jarah Lee Heeter at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, June 25.

According to a second complaint, CNET agents contacted Amanda Roseau in Elk Township at around 9:01 p.m. on June 22 in reference to the previous controlled purchase that had been made from her.

The complaint states that Reed invited agents inside the residence to hand over the CNET funds used to buy him heroin. Reed reportedly told police that there were no more bags of heroin in the residence and said she kept her heroin and other drug paraphernalia in a backpack.

Reed then retrieved the backpack, which police said hung on the hallway wall about three feet off the ground and within reach of the two young children in the house, according to the complaint.

The backpack contained a white and bronze zipper bag with several used hypodermic needles; a white and blue zipper bag with several other hypodermic needles used; a mini black storage box containing empty heroin stamp bags; and a mini skull trash can of empty heroin stamp bags and needle caps, notes the complaint.

All the objects have been kept as evidence.

Reed was arraigned before Judicial District Judge Jarah Lee Heeter at 10:10 a.m. on Wednesday, July 7.


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