So this week, what else? We shop inspired by ‘Tiger King’.


If you haven’t yet watched Netflix’s “Tiger King” Season 2 premiere, I salute you for your good taste and restraint.

Plus, you can stop reading. . . here.

The new season fell on Wednesday and in the first episode we learn about Joe Exotic’s first husband. It reminds us of the belief of some people that Carole Baskin fed her first husband with a big cat. There is a swarm of reworked allegations as well as new ones. Attempts at a presidential pardon which were first foiled by the insurgency of January 6, then by COVID.

And there is something called the Sausage Castle that Bag Lady doesn’t invent and absolutely needs to know more about, but can’t Google because who knows what viruses / XXX images / XXX images containing viruses are waiting to hit when you search for “Sausage Castle”.

So this week, what else? We shop inspired by “Tiger King”, keeping Maine.

Well, okay, mainly in Maine. Bag Lady also visited the official Joe Exotic website where their already launched Black Friday specials include a free condom with every order and OMG, my keyboard is now overrun with beckoning viruses so let’s move on.

Thanks to for the finds!

• Jingle-ball felt cat toys, MoonCrazy Fiber Arts, South of Paris, $ 5

For your wild beast. If they’re on the right list this year, include a “fat and sassy” catnip-stuffed felted mouse for an extra $ 10.

• Tiger 1 puzzle, The Waterford Puzzle Company, Bridgton, $ 80 and up

Pick that sweet tiger face looking you straight in the eye, then choose your own puzzle settings: Easy, Intermediate, or Hard, then the number of pieces. Each puzzle is handmade, with the images printed and then mounted on wood with the hand-cut pieces, and its creation takes approximately four weeks.

Then assemble on:

• Puzzle table,, Wilton, $ 745 and up

Why clutter up the dining room table or risk dropping pieces of your coffee table when you can have a cute, dedicated puzzle table? They have drawers and flaps and even a recline, if you like. Each is made to order, numbered and signed by a retired law enforcement officer, according to the website.

• Bone necklace, Carrabassett Valley jewelry, Carrabassett Valley, $ 220

You can’t tell this 16 inch sterling silver necklace is small bones tied until you are close. An instant conversation starter.

• Felt lion and tiger plush animal motif, Delilah Iris Designs, Madison, $ 7.95

Hand sew your own set of tigers! (The real name of a group of tigers, who knew?)

• Nine Prisoner Art Prints Set featuring Joe Exotic,, $ 24.99

At least some artists in prison see their work highlighted? Hey, I’m looking for the good here. I mean, beyond the special Black Friday bonus, obviously.

Online Image

Best find: Tiger Balm, 0.63 oz, Auburn Walmart, $ 5.65

This sports ointment burns with the power of 100 suns, but damn if it doesn’t relieve back pain, according to Bag Lady’s experience. Use a little and do not apply with bare hands. Or hold hands, now I think about it.

Think twice: About Google Sausage Castle, for real.

But if you do, say it!

Bag Lady’s true identity is protected by a pair of sleek, sweater-clad Doberman pinschers (who are said to be terrified of tigers but pretend to be baffled) and the Sun Journal’s customer service counter. You can reach her at [email protected]

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