Stay cool with a cute AirPods 3 case


Whether you have a sweet tooth or just like to be different, the new Elago Ice Cream AirPods 3 case definitely stands out. The nicely detailed silicone case looks like a small ice cream bar, right down to the colorful 3D nuggets scattered across it. (A wooden stick at the bottom completes the look.)

It comes in two vibrant colors – mint and lavender – and for me, this case only has good points.

Elago Ice Cream AirPods 3 case review

Elago continues to create fun and protective Apple accessories.
Photo: Adel Neal / Cult of Mac

Elago is known for making unique and sturdy Apple accessories, from Apple Watch charging stands that look like miniature iMacs to AirPods cases that look like Nintendo Game Boys or old-fashioned Macs. The company’s new Ice Cream case for the third generation AirPods doesn’t disappoint. It is yet another high quality accessory with a whimsical and eye-catching design.

It is also convenient. I have been disappointed with other instances where the top falls off while looking for my AirPods. But Elago’s conceptions are different. You apply the top and bottom halves of an Elago case separately to your AirPods case. This makes it easy to open your case – and it stays open while you take out your headphones.

Disguise your AirPods inside this “cool” case

The Ice Cream case is impact resistant thanks to the high quality silicone used in its construction. The rugged exterior of the case provides ultimate protection, preventing any scratches or marks on your pristine white AirPods case.

The Ice Cream case might be made of silicone, but it’s not like other cheap cases that get dirty because everything sticks to the material. (If it is a little dirty, it is easy to clean.)

It might be a thick and sturdy case, but you can still charge your AirPods without any issues as it is fully compatible with wireless charging.

Elago’s ice cream case looks delicious

Elago Ice Cream Case Review: A shiny keychain lets you attach your AirPods to just about anything.
A shiny keychain lets you attach your AirPods to just about anything.
Photo: Adel Neal / Cult of Mac

For anyone looking for a fun and slightly different AirPod case, Elago is the go-to maker. If ice cream isn’t your thing, the company also makes fun and attractive cases that look like pineapples and peaches. (This is in addition to the many Apple-themed accessories the company is best known for.)

The new Ice Cream case follows Elago’s other brilliant designs. And all of Elago’s AirPods, Apple Watch stands, and other accessories come at surprisingly affordable prices. The lavender version, which I reviewed, costs just $ 16.99. The mint version is a bit higher for some reason ($ 18.99). But that’s still not a lot of money to protect your expensive AirPods and give their standard charging case a fun silicone layer.

In fact, I have nothing negative to say about the Elago Ice Cream case. It’s easy to slip in your AirPods 3. It fits snugly, so your AirPods case sits comfortably in its new, playful and protective home. And Elago even includes small adhesive strips that ensure the case stays attached to your AirPods.

Plus, there’s no need to put the case in your pocket as the Ice Cream case comes with a useful keychain so you can attach it to your jeans, bag, or pretty much anything. anything to keep your AirPods close at hand.

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