Stitch’s Popular SL1 Golf Bags Now Fully Customizable | Golf equipment: clubs, balls, bags


Stitch Golf is known for its stylish leather golf accessories, especially its popular single and double strap golf bags. Inspired by vintage motorsports, Stitch uses minimalist yet practical designs that give golfers an elevated look. The brand’s latest release, however, takes things up a notch. The MIY (Make It Yours) SL1 golf bag is Stitch’s first fully customizable bag. Stitch’s classic SL1 and SL2 bags allow customers to personalize their purchases with their initials, but the MIY has even more customization options.
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When choosing a MIY bag, golfers will first choose the color they want for the “saddle” (the wrap-around pocket compartments) of the bag. Stitch’s new customizable bag pattern includes detachable features that can be mixed and matched and interchanged as desired. Six color options are available for the seat: green, light grey, navy blue, red, light blue and white. Since this side pocket wrap is detachable, golfers have the option of unzipping it after their round. The pockets attach to the bag with a magnet and two zippers secure the attachment to the back of the golf bag near the bottom of the kickstand. This unique feature comes in handy for golfers who store their bag on the course: you’ll never accidentally forget your sunglasses or wallet in a side pocket again.

There are also six color options for the saddle that golfers can choose from to match or contrast the custom pocket saddle. The SL1 is a single-strap golf bag, making it a great option for golfers who frequent caddy courses and hit 18 holes from time to time. The newly developed strap included with the MIY model has extra padding and is removable. As a finishing touch, Stitch customers can add their initials to their personalized single shoulder bag in the “Initials Ingot”, a square-shaped addition to the bag at the saddlery.


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