Storage Bag Designer Collaborates With Starbucks On Chemex Accessory


Marc Littlejohn designed this leather pouch for the Chemex for Starbucks.

NEW YORK – Former table designer Marc Littlejohn created a trendy new Chemex leather clutch for Starbucks, inspired by his more recent designs of cannabis products.

Brooklyn-based Littlejohn was one of five New York designers chosen to help design a special vacation collection for the Starbucks Reserve store in New York City.

Littlejohn has spent over 27 years in the tableware, housewares and gift industry with companies such as Godinger, Home Essentials and Barnes and Noble, where he worked in a product development team that designed leather bags, pencil cases and other personal accessories. This product development experience eventually led him to found his own company, Littlejohn New York, specializing in hidden leather bags and other cannabis-related accessories. It was the aesthetic of his hidden bag that caught Starbucks’ attention, he said.

Littlejohn’s Chemex leather collar is an example of form following function, the designer told HFN. Its design follows the sultry outline of the iconic hourglass-shaped infinity coffee maker. Since leather doesn’t naturally bend like this, Littlejohn had to make 35 small cuts to follow the shape of the manual glass coffee maker, which has been around since 1941. And because there were thermal considerations, Littlejohn added. an insulation layer at the design.

“I chose a design that reflects shapes and curves. It’s almost like a corsage, in a way, ”Littlejohn said.

Littlejohn’s name and logo are embedded on the back of the design, which was originally conceived about a year and a half ago, just before the pandemic began, and launched in the Starbucks Reserve store a few weeks ago. It sells for $ 225.

Littlejohn hopes its collaboration with Starbucks will attract a new coffee-loving audience that appreciates stylish and functional products and may not yet have been exposed to its Littlejohn New York brand.

“Everything I’ve done in my career has brought me to this moment,” he said.


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