Straive Wins ‘Brand Revitalization Award’ and ‘Best Multichannel Integrated Campaign Award’ at CMO Asia Awards 2022


SINGAPORE, September 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Straive, a leader in providing content, EdTech and data technology solutions to leading global organizations, received two awards at the 13e edition of the CMO Asia Awards 2022, held on 17e August 2022 in Singapore. The organization won the Brand Revitalization Award for Excellence in Branding and Marketing and Best Multi-Channel Integrated Campaign for Excellence in Digital Marketing out of 200 nominations in 40 categories.

The CMO Asia Awards are one of APAC’s most coveted accolades. These are awarded for outstanding contributions in traditional marketing, branding and digital marketing and recognize organizations and individuals for outstanding communication initiatives at the customer and employee level. The awards are decided by a high-calibre independent jury made up of professionals from all over Asia.

SPi Global renamed Straive in April 2021 to realign the brand with the evolution of the company’s strategic initiatives. Subsequently, Straive undertook a comprehensive brand campaign to communicate the new brand message and create brand awareness and recall. The rebranding campaign, including static and dynamic promotions, customer mailings, press releases, social media communication and the launch of a new website, received the Brand Revitalization award.

Straive also undertook several multi-channel integrated campaigns to raise awareness of the company’s offerings in its lines of business and generate demand. The company has successfully leveraged numerous marketing channels to reach the target audience in industries such as BFSI, Information Services, EdTech, Academic Publishing, etc. Given the commercial impact it has achieved, the multi-channel umbrella campaign “Connecting the Dots” won the award for the best multi-channel integrated campaign at the ceremony.

Speaking of rewards, Ratan Datta, President and CEO, Straivesaid, “Straive is delighted to have received this recognition, which is a testament to our marketing and branding initiatives. As a company, we have doubled our marketing and branding efforts over the past year to communicate our purpose, values ​​and core purpose areas to our customers, employees and stakeholders and build a stronger Straive brand. I am thrilled to see our hard work being recognized by industry leaders and experts. We will continue to focus on improving the stakeholder experience through clear, relevant and impactful marketing communications.”

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About straight (formerly SPi Global)

Straive is a market-leading content technology company that provides data services, subject matter expertise (SME) and technology solutions in several areas, such as search content, e-learning/EdTech and data/information providers. With a customer base spanning 30 countries around the world, Straive’s multi-geographic resource pool is strategically located in seven countries: Philippines, India, UNITED STATES, Nicaragua, Vietnam, UKand the headquarters of the company at Singapore.

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