Sunday Golf El Camino Stand Bag Review


There are golf courses that claim their designs will have you using “every club in the bag”, but most golfers rarely use all 14 clubs in a round. I could have easily got away with it on my last lap without one of my hybrids and my 3 wood to start. And many players certainly don’t use their long irons enough to justify them. This is part of the concept behind Sunday Golf’s new El Camino stand bag, which takes its place among the best carry bags on the market.

“If you ask most golfers if they use every club in their set during a game, you probably won’t find many who do,” said Ronan Galvin, co-founder of Sunday Golf. “Golf on foot (largely due to the pandemic) has also seen a huge upsurge…The El Camino is designed for golfers who want a lighter, more comfortable experience while carrying most of their clubs . “

Sunday Golf's new El Camino bag

(Image credit: Mike Bailey)

The Southern California company, which successfully rolled out its true Sunday bag, the Loma, a few years ago, now offers a sleek, feature-packed rig designed to hold 10-12 clubs. It is also very easy to transport, whether in the trunk of the car or on a plane with a smaller travel case perhaps. And it works great for shooting range and short game zone practice sessions.

“El Camino”, by the way, translates to “the way” or “the way” from Spanish to English. An apt name, of course, is a bag that’s primarily ideal for walkers. Because it is thin, however, it is not ideal for most push carts.

Sunday Golf's El Camino is a great bag to take to the range.

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What we love about the El Camino is that despite its slim profile, there are plenty of very usable pockets. It weighs only 3.8 pounds, but there are five good-sized pockets, a four-way top divider with full-length dividers, and a very comfortable self-balancing dual strap.

Among these pockets is a “frosted” insulated pocket, which can hold four cold drinks. The ball pocket is certainly large enough to comfortably hold a dozen balls, and there are three mesh pockets inside for tees or whatever else you want to separate from your golf balls. And above the ball pocket is an easy-access pocket for rangefinders, which is essential for walkers.

The larger pocket, located on the right side, is big enough for outerwear or a jacket. And there’s a nicely sized lined valuables pocket as well as another open pocket on the right side, which is perfectly angled to carry a large water bottle if you’re walking.

A back cushion on the Sunday Golf El Camino Standbag

(Image credit: Mike Bailey)

In addition to the pockets, the El Camino bag also has back padding on the left side to make it more comfortable to carry, as well as a towel ring and Velcro to hold a golf glove. It’s also a great bag, available in several color combinations. They include Matte Black, Heather Gray, Midnight Green, and Seafoam.

The truth is that this bag, which costs around $180, would work for so many types of gamers. Those with slower swing speeds really can’t hit low loft clubs anyway, so they really don’t need more than 10 clubs. And anyone looking to walk and carry during a casual round can certainly lighten their load with two or more clubs less – and probably become a better player for it.


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