Susan Alexandra talks about her bridal collection, her box and her bag


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Landing on Susan Alexandra’s Instagram page is like stepping into a parallel universe. Green and yellow corn cob earrings hanging from a literal from corn on the cob to a makeshift bra top made from fruit-shaped coasters, the brand’s stream is a dynamic kaleidoscope of content you can’t help but want to get a little lost in. .

Such is the world of Susan Alexandra, the beloved brand that has managed to accomplish perhaps one of fashion’s most elusive tasks: to have an undeniably distinct point of view. Through intricate and over-the-top beadwork, Susan Alexandra has become a go-to celebrity retailer, cultivating a following among the likes of Emily Ratajkowski, Gigi Hadid and Emma Chamberlain.

And now the brand is making its foray into the bridal space with a collection of beaded accessories ranging from crowns to capelets to champagne bags.

“We were getting questions about [bridal] for so long,” Susan Korn, the brand’s founder and chief creative officer, told POPSUGAR. “And finally, we were like, ‘OK, let’s do something about it.'”

It only made sense to branch out and put together these offerings for brides looking for that bold and vibrant touch of Susan Alexandra for their big day. The brand was already producing one-of-a-kind bridal items, Korn revealed, ahead of the official launch. Custom requests were mostly bespoke bags that brides would wear on their wedding day. Another popular specialty? Bride and groom looking for whimsical and unconventional ring boxes.

“We did a lot of custom versions of these, like with different initials on them and with different colors and designs,” Korn said. “It was really, really cute. We were doing so many of them that I was like, ‘Let them exist in the collection permanently.'”


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