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Unlike push mowers, riding mowers usually don’t include a bagging system for grass clippings, so it can be difficult to get the clean, minimal look you might want. Fortunately, one of these baggers will solve this problem and allow you to easily gather and dispose of unwanted clippings. These baggers attach to the mower deck using a discharge chute, which then directs the clippings into a series of containers mounted on the back of the mower. Most also attach fairly easily – just make sure the one you buy is compatible with the make and model of your mower.

Read on for recommendations on the best lawn mower baggers on the market, plus everything you need to consider before shopping.

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Best baggers for mowers

What to consider

The most important factor to consider when choosing a bagger is whether or not it will fit your mower. Luckily, this is fairly simple to do, as all baggers clearly state the makes, models, and deck sizes they are compatible with. If you really want to make sure your bagger will fit properly, try to buy one that’s made specifically for your mower, although that’s not always possible.

You also need to think about the overall capacity of the bagger. The larger the capacity, the less you will have to empty the containers per mowing session, saving you a lot of time and effort. If you have a large yard, you might want to choose a 10-bushel capacity bagger; with a smaller lawn, a more economical 3.25 bushel option will likely suffice.

Along the same lines, if you only have to tackle leaves, you can choose a leaf bag instead. These will provide a much higher capacity than hard plastic baggers, although they still require an existing bagger mechanism to fit.

How we selected

With years of experience in landscaping and lawn mowing, we’re no strangers to riding mowers and bagging issues. We’ve used our personal knowledge, as well as our time spent fixing and implementing other riding mower attachments, to help put together this list of options. We’ve also done our best to include a range of sizes, prices and model compatibility, so whatever your existing mower or budget range, there should be an option to suit your needs. Plus, just in case you’re looking for a leaf-only solution, we’ve also added a dedicated leaf bag.

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Ideal for large terraces

10 bushel triple bagger

  • Big capacity
  • Vented bags promote air circulation
  • Compatible with many brands of clippers
  • Cannot be used with tractor hitch

Key specs

  • Ability: 10 bushels
  • Bins: 3
  • Trimmer Size: 50″ to 54″ decks
  • Brand Compatibility: Cub Cadet; Troy-Bilt; Artisan

If you have a larger riding mower with a cutting deck of up to 54 inches, this MTD bagger with its impressive 10-bushel capacity is a great choice. Its three bins are ventilated to promote air circulation and their integrated handles make them easy to empty.

The bagger is compatible with a range of mower brands built after 2015, including Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt and Craftsman riding mowers. The oversized 8-inch diameter chute should also reduce the chance of clogging. Remember that your mower’s tractor hitch cannot be used with this model.

Ideal for mid-sized mowers

Double Bagger

  • Transparent discharge chute
  • Hinged lid makes bag removal easy
  • Lid window is easily concealed

Key specs

  • Ability: 6.5 bushels
  • Bins: 2
  • Trimmer size: 42 or 46 inch cutting deck
  • Brand Compatibility: Troy-Bilt; Cub Cadet; Sorting machine; Artisan

MTD’s Dual Bagger is well suited for mid-size mowers and is compatible with many Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, Yard Machine and Craftsman models. We’re big fans of the transparent discharge chute that connects the deck to the bagger, making it easy for you to confirm the grass is flowing freely and not clogging.

A plastic window on the lid is meant to allow you to keep an eye on the level of grass inside, although most agree that it is easily obscured by dirt or dirt. grass.

Ideal for small mowers

Mini Rider bagger

  • Easy to install
  • Simple to open and unload clippings
  • Durable nylon twin bags

Key specs

  • Ability: 3.25 bushels
  • Bins: 2
  • Trimmer size: 30 inch cutting decks
  • Brand Compatibility: Artisan; Cub Cadet; Troy-Bilt; Murray

For those with 30-inch ride-on mowers, this relatively compact bagger is a great option. Its twin bags are constructed from heavy-duty nylon, and the majority of reviewers praised the quick and easy assembly process. Plus, the hinged hood means you don’t have to raise your mower’s seat every time you’re ready to empty it.

The relatively small 3.25 bushel capacity may not be big enough for some, especially if you have a large yard and don’t want to stop frequently to empty your clippings.

Ideal for large DIY mowers

Large Frame Riding Mower Bagger

  • 10 bushel capacity
  • 1 year warranty
  • Vented bags promote air circulation
  • The width could create size issues

Key specs

  • Ability: 10 bushels
  • Bins: 3
  • Trimmer size: Cutting decks from 50 to 54 inches
  • Brand Compatibility: Artisan

This bagger is only designed to fit Craftsman mowers, but if that’s your brand and your deck is 50-54 inches, look no further. The 10-bushel capacity is perfect for larger lawns, and Craftsman’s one-year limited warranty should have you covered should anything go wrong. It does, however, add some width to your mower, so keep that in mind if you have size issues with your lawn layout or storage shed.

Ideal for Cub Cadet mowers

FastAttach Dual Bagger

  • Easy installation
  • Transparent flexible chute
  • Grass catcher accessible without lifting mower seat

Key specs

  • Ability: 6.5 bushels
  • Bins: 2
  • Trimmer size: 42 or 46 inch cutting deck
  • Brand Compatibility: Cub Cadet

Looking specifically for a bagger to use on your Cub Cadet mower? This double bag is guaranteed to fit a wide range of models, and clearly lists them in the description so there is no confusion.

The “FastAttach” connection system makes the installation and setup process easy, and like the other two-bag models on our list, you won’t need to flip your mower’s seat upside down to access the grass bags. There is also a transparent flexible chute.

Ideal for EGO ride-on mowers

Bagging kit

  • Includes bagging blades and counterweights
  • Transparent window on the chute

Key specs

  • Ability: 6.5 bushels
  • Bins: 2
  • Trimmer size: 42 inch cutting deck
  • Brand Compatibility: EGO

This EGO kit includes a dual container bagger, along with specially designed bagging blades to lift the cut cuts into the chute. It also comes with a pair of counterweights that attach to the front of the mower, ensuring the machine does not tip backwards during use. A small section of the discharge chute is clear plastic, giving you a visual indicator of any clogs.

Best High Capacity Leaf Bag

Original lawn tractor leaf bag

  • Huge capacity
  • Simple to configure
  • Requires existing bagging system

Key specs

  • Ability: 40 bushels
  • Bins: 1
  • Trimmer size: 120 inch opening
  • Brand Compatibility: Any

If you already have a bagging system and want to boost your leaf picking containment capabilities, this TerraKing leaf bag is a smart investment.

It uses a simple cord to stretch and attach to your existing bagger, and its huge 54 cubic foot (40 bushel) capacity will hold a huge amount of leaves from your lawn. It’s also made of abrasion-resistant fabric to resist tears and holes, although you should always try to avoid running it over sharp objects.

It’s important to note that even if it’s not for grass clippings, your mower must have an existing bagging system.

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