The best golf stand bags for 2022


If you’re looking for a new golf bag and you’re not a member of the PGA Tour or LPGA, a stand bag is probably the way to go. Even if you drive around your local club every time you put it on, making you a prime candidate for a cart bag, a well-constructed stand bag is lighter to carry to and from your car, and it will be able to contain everything you will need during your turn.

When considering which stand bag to buy, prioritize.

  • If you intend to walk and carry your bag, its weight is particularly important. On 18 holes, every pound counts, so be sure to compare the weight of each bag.
  • If you’re bringing lots of high-tech gear and accessories like a portable speaker, spare battery, water bottle, umbrella, and laser rangefinder, look for a bag with plenty of pockets and places where you can easily store your things.
  • There are bags on the market that have individual compartments for each of your 14 clubs, but most have a top divided into four, five or six sections. More dividers can help keep things organized, but dividers add weight. It can also be frustrating to get individual holder clubs in and out. Opting for a bag with fewer dividers can save weight, but cramming three or four clubs into one section can be cumbersome when grips and shafts are cluttered.

To help you find a good bag at a good price, look for the following models in your local store or online.

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Callaway Fairway 14 Stand Bag (Callaway)

Price: $279.99

Weight: 6 pounds

Dividers: 14

Pockets: Six

Lean: The redesigned Lowrider top has traction elements that allow the Fairway 14 bag to stay more securely on carts. It also has an individual slot for each club, sturdy metal zipper pullers and an alloy ring to hold a towel. A pass-through section near the top allows a trolley strap to slide in easily when riding. Available in 11 colors.

Callaway Fairway 14 Stand Bag: $279.99 at PGA Tour Superstore / $279.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods / $279.99 at GlobalGolf

Cobra Ultralight Pro

Cobra Ultralight Pro Stand Bag (Cobra)

Price: $219

Weight: £4

Dividers: Four

Pockets: Seven

Lean: The legs of this bag have been modified to make it more stable, and the base has been designed to sit more squarely on the turf. All this means increased stability. With seven pockets, including a magnetic closure pocket for your laser rangefinder, the Ultralight Pro can hold anything you want on the course. Available in five colors.

Cobra Ultralight Pro: $225 at Dick’s Sporting Goods / $220 at Walmart

Ogio Fuse stand bag

Ogio Fuse Stand Bag (Ogio)

Price: $229.95

Weight: 4.4 pounds

Dividers: Four

Pockets: Six

Lean: A lightweight utility model, the Fuse combines comfort-enhancing features like padded shoulder straps and a back pad with handy conveniences like a rear three-ball silo, easy-to-use zipper pulls, and plenty of storage. The water bottle pocket has a drain, there’s a large top handle for easy getting the bag in and out of your car and even a handy Velcro patch for gloves. It comes in nine colors.

Fuse Ogio: $229.99 at PGA Tour Superstore / $229.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods / $229.95 at Walmart

Ping Hoofer Lite

Ping Hoofer Lite Stand Bag (Ping)

Price: $245

Weight: 5 pounds

Dividers: Four

Pockets: Seven

Lean: A redesigned back piece makes it easy to switch from carrying the Hoofer Lite as a backpack to using a single strap, which some golfers prefer. It has plenty of easy-access pockets, including an insulated water bottle pocket, and wide top vents for easy club grabbing and storage. Available in 17 color and print combinations.

Ping Hoofer Lite: $244.99 at PGA Tour Superstore / $244.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Stitch SL2 Camo

Stitch SL2 stand bag camo (Stitch)

Price: $388

Weight: £4

Dividers: Four

Pockets: Four

Lean: Sleek and functional, the SL2 Camo features a minimalist, lightweight design. Sleek as it is, the SL2 Camo has a large apparel pocket that can hold a raincoat, an insulated water pocket and a fleece-lined valuables pocket. The exclusive fabric used to make the bag is as strong as leather but more durable and water resistant.

Stitch SL2 Camo: $388 at Stitch

Sun Mountain 2.5+

Sun Mountain 2.5+ Stand Bag (Sun Mountain)

Price: $249.99

Weight: 2.9 pounds

Dividers: Four

Pockets: Six

Lean: Designed specifically for walking golfers, the 2.5+ features contoured foam shoulder straps, carbon fiber legs and six pockets for storing gear, including a full-length apparel pocket and beverage pocket . The 9-inch opening on the top makes it easy to get clubs out of all four openings. Available in eight colors.

Sun Mountain 2.5+: $249.99 at PGA Tour Superstore / $249.99 at Dick’s Sporting Goods / $302.77 at Walmart

Titleist Players 4 Carbon

Titleist Players 4 Carbon Stand Bag (Titleist)

Price: $245

Weight: 2.8 pounds

Dividers: Four

Pockets: Five

Lean: Even with pockets designed to hold golf balls, clothing, accessories, a water bottle and valuables, the Players Four Carbon bag is one of the lightest full-size stand bags thanks to the rubber feet. carbon fiber. A breathable hip pad and adjustable backpack-style shoulder straps make this bag more comfortable to carry. Available in 14 colors.

Titleist Players 4 Carbon: $244.99 at PGA Tour Superstore / $270 at Dick’s Sporting Goods

Vessel VLX Stand Bag

Vessel VLX Stand Bag (Vessel)

Price: $335

Weight: 4.65 pounds

Dividers: Four

Pockets: Five

Lean: Crafted from durable, water-resistant synthetic leather, the VLX Stand Bag has a retro look with a few modern conveniences. It features a velor-lined magnetic pocket designed for a laser rangefinder, a magnetic and expandable water bottle holster, carbon fiber legs, waterproof zippers and a self-padded dual strap system. -adjustable to make carrying the bag more comfortable. Available in six colors.

VLX ship mount: $335 at the PGA Tour Superstore


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