“The coconut fiber substrate has become a very important ally of agriculture”


The substrate is an essential element for a plant. It is not only the fixed place where its life cycle will develop, but also a strictly necessary nutritional source which, according to its characteristics, will determine its growth. For this reason, the use of an appropriate substrate is fundamental in agriculture, and solutions such as the coconut fiber substrate, which offers an optimal capacity to control the conditions of plant development, are increasingly used, as Sustratos del Sureste explains.

“Our raw material comes from India and Sri Lanka, the world’s leading producers of coir. For their purchase, we demand the highest quality from our suppliers, and this is analyzed in our laboratory on arrival to Our company is ISO 9001 certified, so quality control is paramount.”

“After checking the raw material, we proceed with the crushing and rehydration of the coconut fiber (as it is compressed into blocks) to ensure the correct expansion of the product and, depending on the type of final substrate, we mix with other components (such as peat, perlite, vermiculite, fertilizers…) and bag it appropriately.All these steps are extremely important and require monitoring that we at Sustratos del Sureste consider as essential.”

“The coconut substrate is a material that retains water and, at the same time, drains the excess, resulting in significant water savings. In addition, it increases the amount of water in the soil that is freely available to the plant, which not only saves water but also maximizes the use of this element. In addition, the coconut substrate is a chemically inert material, so it maintains the pH, which is ideal for sensitive plants, and as it is not produced with decaying material, it does not attract insects or disease.”

“The coco substrate is produced in a sustainable way, it is recyclable and does not have the limitations that the soil itself can have (pollution, low productivity, exhaustion…). It improves the aeration of the soil and constitutes an excellent mulch for the roots All these advantages make it a very important ally in agriculture and have led to this material being recognized as a superior growing medium.

In fact, it has taken a strong hold in today’s agriculture. “Due to its characteristics, it is particularly suitable for the early stages of growth of any crop, so one sector that is growing with us is that of nurseries and nurseries, which use coco substrate to ensure healthy and strong initial growth. of their plants.”

“It has also been shown that the production of tomatoes, peppers and other greenhouse crops common in the Levant also increases when the coir substrate is used. In addition, it is ideal for demanding crops, such as fruit trees/plants. The sector has benefited from this technique for the longest time. Other crops have recently gained ground, including pistachios, avocados, mangoes or raspberries. Their producers are very strongly committed to using a coconut substrate,” explains the Murcian company.

Hydroponic bags and coconut fiber for organic farming
Sustratos del Sureste has a wide range of coconut substrate solutions and formats to meet the needs of its customers, from professional growers to retailers.

“Among them, it is worth mentioning our hydroponic bag, one of our company’s innovations. The inspiration for this bag came from the shortcomings that our company managers saw in growers with compressed leaves, mainly from Our company saw that this product had several disadvantages, such as high EC, lack of hydration, poor quality plastic, no pre-cuts or drainage, or lack of product consistency. All this wastes time and money for the producer. For this reason, our hydroponic bag is 100% made in our facilities with quality raw material under controlled parameters. The coconut fiber is already hydrated (we can add other raw materials such as perlite, peat, fertilizer…); it is wrapped in national plastic with a 3 year warranty, and knockouts for planting holes and drain age can be offered to meet the customer’s needs. We are the only substrate company in Spain that manufactures this type of bag.

“We also have coir fiber certified by Intereco for use in organic farming (seed production in nurseries and nurseries). We are talking about SDS coir fiber, with which growers can improve the soil, ensure more rooting, better use of the nutrients supplied to the crop and, therefore, optimal vegetative development, while respecting at all times the rules of organic production.”

New facilities of 12,000 m²
Sustratos del Sureste is a young company founded in mid-2013 by great professionals who already had 20 years of experience. “Thanks to this, we can say that today we are a leader in the sector of coconut substrates.”

“Due to the growing demand for coconut fiber substrates by professionals in the agro-ornamental field and their higher requirements in terms of quality and phytosanitary control, we have decided to differentiate ourselves through the quality of our product and our personalized service.”

“That is why recently, in order to continue to meet our quality standards and offer the best service, we have expanded our facilities, lines and machines, moving to a site with more than 12,000 m² of surface on the ground. Soon we will have this new workplace ready, and of course everyone is welcome to visit it.”

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