The most expensive handbags ever sold at auction


Wealthy people willingly spend money on anything they deem valuable, and a bag is just one of those accessories.

What do you know about auctions? Those places where the super-rich have fun and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on the rarest items. One of the auction houses that does private sales is Christie’s, a British auction house. This auction sold luxury bags at incredibly high prices among many items, and here is the list.

7 The Métiers D’Art Paris-Shanghai Black Lucite Matryoshka Evening Bag with Gold Hardware – $32,500

Sold in June 2018 at Christie’s New York, this “Chinese doll” Chanel bag is one of three rare versions of the Matryoshka dolls. It features a solid black lucite body, beads, chains, an enamel camellia flower and crystals. Interestingly, these dolls are hand painted which makes them incredibly unique. The Chinese doll was shown in the pre-fall Chanel Paris-Shanghai Métiers d’Art 2010.

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6 Birkin 25 in metallic bronze Chèvre leather with gold details – $109,500

As metallic leather is a rarity, this bag is one of the most expensive bags in the world. Made by Hermès in 2005, it was sold in December 2017. The bag was inspired by Leila Menchari, the window dresser who produced fascinating window displays for the brand’s flagship store at 24, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. The installation included aluminum horses, shimmering thread cobwebs, grottoes, Moroccan mother-of-pearl souks, and various Hermès bags: iridescent sea-foam green crocodile pieces for the grotto window, for the Alhambra – openwork lace Birkins, Kellys in steel for the display of the Trojan horse. And the bags were not available for sale. Thus, as part of the Mondore collections, the brand has released an assortment of metallics dedicated exclusively to VIP customers. Obviously, the bag was produced in minimal numbers because the craftsman had to add a lot of dye to the color he had acquired.

5 Hermes Birkin Blue Crocodile Handbag – $150,000

Sold in 2010 in Mayfair, London, this bag is adorned with 18 carat diamonds and white gold. Some sources claim that there were many online bidders for this bag, but only one anonymous buyer managed to get it. Indeed, the color of this bag looks mysterious and charming at the same time.

4 Matte Black So Black Birkin 30 Niloticus Crocodile with Rare PVD Hardware – $209,553

This Hermès Birkin bag is the most expensive of the limited edition “So Black” collection from Hermès. It included a black felt protector, bell, lock and keys, black dust bag, exotic card, and black box. No wonder it was sold in 2019 at this price. The bag is made of crocodile leather and has diamond and white gold hardware.

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3 Matte White Himalayan Niloticus Crocodile Flipped Kelly 25 with Palladium Hardware – $241,789

Another rare and very expensive Hermès Birkin bag in Nilo crocodile leather. It is atypical because its colors recall the image of the beautiful Himalayan mountains. To achieve this effect, craftsmen had to work on it for many hours. So, the bag was sold in 2019, and it is almost impossible to find.

2 Matte White Niloticus Crocodile Himalaya Birkin 30 with Diamond Hardware – $384,285

This is the most expensive Hermès Birkin bag ever auctioned at Christie’s. Made from the Niloticus crocodile and covered in diamonds and 18k white gold, it was purchased in 2017. Interestingly, there were early bidders for this bag.

1 Kelly Rose Gold – $2 million

Christie’s isn’t the only expensive bag auction. The Hermès Kelly Rose Gold costs $2 million. The brand’s jeweler Pierre Hardy worked hard for two years to create this bag in real rose gold and 1600 diamonds. The bag imitates leather and is made of pure gold. Unsurprisingly, there is a limited edition, twelve pieces created in three distinct variations.

Most of the most expensive bags in the world today belong to one brand – Hermès. Birkin bags are unique because they are handmade from leather. They are named after a famous English singer and actress, Jane Birkin. Birkin bags are considered a symbol of wealth due to their high price and long waiting lists. Obviously, their costs vary depending on the type of leather, whether or not jewelry, precious metals and exotic skins are used.

In addition, the bags are distributed in Hermès boutiques at unknown times and in limited quantities, which makes them even more desirable and exclusive. Still, the bags were sold online and in second-hand shops (dealers). Well, Hermès has found the keystone of being human – everyone wants to have something unique and rare.

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