The road to success stitched together for bag manufacturers


In the coming years, NXT Journey is looking to move into a building like this.

Development of the NXT Journey range of bags began in 2013 with the Truckie Bag which was subsequently launched in 2015. Since then the company has evolved to offer a wide range of products for the transportation industry.

Company founder Simon Sutherland said he was the first to admit the road has seen twists and turns, not to mention a few holes that at the time didn’t seem to have a bottom.

What NXT Journey is most proud of is that it has always progressed, continually refining its range with new designs and improved fabrics and components, such as zippers.

The company has a saying, “We may not always do things right, but if we have the opportunity, we will always do things right. “

In April 2021, NXT Journey moved into its new building in Cootamundra NSW, allowing the company to consolidate its retail businesses and warehousing under one roof. It is in this building that NXT Journey will build its manufacturing capabilities until 2022.

The company has big goals for the next five years. Its first step is the manufacture of a new bag designed in its factory in Cootamundra.

The current showcase of NXT Journey.

“Since launching NXT Journey, it has been a dream to bring our manufacturing back to Australia. We designed and made bags for a high school in Wollongong last year, so we know it’s possible, ”said Sutherland.

NXT Journey’s ultimate goal over the five-year period is to establish a plant in the United States. This will offer the possibility of directly serving this market. As a first step towards achieving this goal, next year the company will finally have the opportunity to attend the Mid America Trucking Show (MATS) in Louisville, Kentucky. “We were two weeks away from flying to the show in 2020, but a small global pandemic put an end to that. The show was canceled again this year.

Things happen for a reason. While disappointing, sitting around complaining that you couldn’t go to MATS wasn’t going to help. The two-year delay in attending the show has given more time to perfect the design of the bags, so the company will come to the March show better prepared.

“When I started NXT Journey with the Truckie bag, I thought it would just be a hobby. Design and make a bag. Sell ​​it online. Easy ! Said Sutherland.

“Seeing us now producing bags for some of Australia’s biggest companies and shipping them to customers all over the world, our expectations have indeed been exceeded. But that’s not where we find the most satisfaction. Our greatest satisfaction comes when we receive feedback from customers saying their new bag is the best they have ever owned. You can’t beat that.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported us throughout the process: the many drivers who purchased our bags for their personal use and the many companies who purchased branded bags for their team and customers. .

“You have all played a part in what we are trying to achieve. Hope you will follow our story as we pursue our dreams over the next few years.


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