Thieves followed woman from mall to steal designer handbag, police say


A Deer Park woman hopes surveillance video will help find those responsible for smashing her car window and then stealing a designer handbag worth over $3,000 she had just bought to buy. The video shows a man slowly walking away from a victim’s driveway carrying the purse.

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison said Tuesday that theft, particularly the theft of a person or car, is not uncommon, but following someone home is more unusual. .

“It looks like they followed her from the mall to her car and then to her residence in Deer Park,” Harrison said.

Police say the incident began inside Saks Fifth Avenue at Walt Whitman stores last month. The victim, who still fears for her safety, asked not to be identified but told FOX 5 NY she noticed someone inside the store recording her. She didn’t think much of it until it was too late.

“You automatically have to make sure you tell somebody,” Harrison said. “Even if someone walks you to your vehicle to make sure you’re safe, that’s something we need to let residents know.”

The woman and her daughter returned home.

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What happened next was caught on video: the two enter the house; moments later, a man gets out of a Honda Odyssey van, breaks the rear window of the victim’s car, snatches the purse, and jumps into the van before driving off.

Although it is unclear what would have happened had the woman taken the bag home, police are advising people to be aware.

“Know your surroundings,” Harrison said. “Don’t go straight to the car, walk around the mall and make sure no one is following you.”

Police have released images of the suspects and are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 800-220-TIPS.

Another high-end heist happened last month when Nassau County police said thieves walked out of a Louis Vuitton store in Manhasset with bags totaling more than $70,000.


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