This $ 17 travel cup holder attaches to your suitcase handle


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When packing your carry-on or travel backpack to make sure your essentials are on hand, the goal is to make your time at the airport as easy as possible. But there’s almost always a point where you realize your hands are full and there’s nowhere to safely balance your coffee, phone, boarding pass, or snack. If you’ve been through this situation before, Amazon buyers may have a solution – the Riemot luggage cup holder this a reviewer called the “best invention of all time”.

The hands-free design of the travel cup holder is simple to use – just wrap it around the handle of your suitcase and secure the hook-and-loop closure. Once in place, the fabric holder can hold up to two cups, meaning your water bottle and coffee can both fit inside. When you are ready to board your flight, simply detach the hook-and-loop fastener, fold it up and place it in your carry-on baggage; another advantage is that it will hardly take up space.

To buy:, $ 17 with coupon (originally $ 18)

“This drink holder is awesome,” wrote a five star review. “I travel for a living, so I can try out all kinds of ‘travel friendly’ gadgets that are just awful. This article is not one of them … [it’s] compact, fits easily in your carry-on luggage, holds a glass upright and has pockets to avoid having to decide which item you will end up dropping on the floor. This drink holder came in handy immediately… I used it to store things that I would keep in my file while I got on board. ”

Not only does the Riemot cup holder serve as a way to store your drinks once you have cleared security at the airport, but it also has an additional slim pocket this will come in handy for storing your phone, passport or boarding pass so that you can quickly and easily access your important items.

“Quick and concise, I liked this cup holder in a crowded airport with no place to put your cup,” said another customer, which echoed the simplicity of the design. “Highly recommend!” A great traveler summed it up in their review: “Once I start using it, I just don’t want to be without it.”

To buy:, $ 17 with coupon (originally $ 18)


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