This Australia-Based Handbag Company Creates Affordable Italian Leather Bags


Vestirsi, the brainchild of ex-Mecca PR manager Monica Tarca, makes luxury Italian leather bags for a fraction of the designer’s price.

Vestirsi Carly, $ 229

“I I wanted a chic, minimalist leather work bag that didn’t cost $ 3,000, “says Monica. Europe won.”

What she wanted was a bag that looked designer enough to take part in important meetings with founders and CEOs as part of her role in Mecca, but cost “less than $ 300”. . Thus, Vestirsi was born.

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Vestirsi Phoebe, $ 299

The concept behind Vestirsi is to make handbags with the same level of quality and care as designer labels – just without the designer price tag. For this, Monica knew she had to create in Italy.

“Most brands of bags today manufacture in China. We are one of the very few bag brands in Australia that still make their bags in Italy, from Italian leather. Our bags are made in the same suburb as Prada and Gucci, it’s a special leather goods area. where all the most skilled leather craftsmen live and work. So the quality is superb, but what makes us really special I believe is that we sell direct to Australian women and cut the middle man to keep the bags more affordable. “

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Vestirsi Katie Petit, $ 299

But Vestirsi’s vision is not just about quality, it’s also about empowering women. For example, the business is wholly owned and operated by women, and donates 10% of the net profit from each sale to women’s mental health charities – the only fashion brand in Australia to do so, according to Monica.

“Probably because it’s an insane amount and it definitely affects the profitability of the company. But in the end, it’s the right thing to do. Why wouldn’t we want to support other women who need help? It is a cause very close to my heart. So even though my accountant hates it, it’s a non-negotiable for me. “

Read more about Vestirsi here.


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