This innovative vegan ‘leather’ bucket bag is made from apples


Luxtra has launched a new vegan leather bucket bag.

Sustainable fashion brand Luxtra has released a chic and eco-friendly new line of vegan bucket bags.

Luxtra’s innovative vegan bag is made from AppleSkin, an alternative to eco-leather made from apples.

The new edition of the Luxtra range is now available for purchase from the site here.

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They reworked the classic bucket bag by adding its iconic side stripe to deliver an eco-friendly version of the popular bag shape.

Entitled “The Daphne”, the eco-friendly bag comes in three colors: black, ivy and pumpkin. In addition, it has a large open interior compartment with a zippered pocket and can hold a nine inch tablet.

The brand names each piece in its collection after inspiring women, paying homage to electronic music pioneer Daphne Oram for this bucket bag.

Luxtra has reworked the classic bucket bag for an ecological grip. The company, which was founded in 2018, aims to “promote responsible production and consumption by creating magnificent and ever more sustainable treasures for everyday life”.

Besides the vegan bag, the website is home to accessories like tote bags, wallets, cosmetic cases, belt bags, mini handbags, t-shirts and face masks.

Plus, you can also shop by preferred materials, choosing from the pineapple, apple, cactus, or corn collections.

To purchase the all new vegan bucket bag and other products, visit Luxtra website.

The brand previously released “Esther,” a collection of colorful vegan wallets made from cacti, pineapples and apples as well as custom hand-painted editions by artist Rachel Joy Price.

Earlier this year, an Amazon-style vegan “supermarket” named Unearthedco, which only sells vegan fashion and beauty products, was launched online.

It helps customers shop more sustainably and ethically without breaking the bank and stocks thousands of vegan products from different brands.


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