This top rated travel bag is on sale Black Friday on Amazon


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Love it or hate it, travel is often necessary during the holidays. And thanks to crowded airports, unpredictable weather, and the ability to travel with freebies, it can be both the busiest and the most exciting time of year to travel from city to city. . While there is usually fun with loved ones waiting on the other side of that plane, train, or car, a lot is about to go wrong during such a chaotic season. That’s why any gadget that makes the process a bit easier is a welcome addition to the luggage we will all inevitably be carrying.

Take the Zocilor convertible satchel at Amazon for example. This versatile bag has a pocket for everything and it couldn’t be easier to carry through crowds and cramped airplane cabins. Wear it on both shoulders to carry it as a backpack or use the removable shoulder strap to carry it as a tote. Either way, this high-quality bag is about to make traveling a whole lot easier – and for Black Friday, some bag styles are 39% off.

When it comes to functionality, it doesn’t get much better than this bag. Designed with five exterior pockets of varying sizes and a main compartment containing three more pockets, shoppers can store everything from laptops and tablets to umbrellas, water bottles, books and makeup in the satchel. A water-resistant vegan leather or nylon construction keeps items inside secure and dry, while a dual zipper design on most pockets adds an element of convenience.

“I love this bag!” a reviewer wrote. “It’s great for traveling and putting on as much or as little as you want. It easily fits a large iPad, Hydro Flask, snacks, and all the essentials. [It] makes a great bag for the beach, the plane, or anywhere you need a little extra room for things you can’t fit in a purse. ”

While the main appeal of the bag is undoubtedly its many user-friendly features, there is also something to be said for its appearance. At just 13.4 inches high and 12.3 inches wide, it’s rather compact, giving it a sleek and sleek look. The luxe material adds a touch of femininity, and on each of the 19 styles of vegan leather, the removable strap features a vivid multi-color design. The satchel is also available in six styles in monochrome nylon.

If you dread vacation travel this season, drop off one of Zocilor’s convertible saddlebags in your Amazon cart today. You’ll be glad you did the next time you board a flight or load the car – and you might even want to upgrade it in your everyday purse.


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