Thom Browne launches 2021 football-themed collection in time for match day


Travel, traffic, turkey, and landings all mean Thanksgiving weekend. Designer Thom Browne has an affinity for the latter as a sports fan who has infiltrated sports of all kinds in his challenging, elevated, sometimes quirky and fantastic designs. True to a holiday tradition, the brand this year launched the football collection, a house tradition since 2015, adding new styles and a dedicated campaign to match.

That’s the goal on the ground at the peak of a particularly successful year for Browne, who has been busy opening stores in 2021, ten in total by the end of the year, according to VogueBusiness.

The brand flourished during the pandemic, in part thanks to the way the film allowed the creative director and 15% of stakeholders to expand its parades from theaters into captivating films, including Lindsey Vonn rolling down an ornate mountain. creations of Mr. Browne. Ermenegildo Zegna bought 85% of the company in 2018 in a deal valuing the brand at $ 500 million. Annual sales were targeting $ 120 million, also more according to BoF

A capsule collection is still a proven way to increase mid-season sales, but Browne’s passion for the game seems to be the motivator when it comes to the football collection. Browne, from Allentown, Pa., Is a fan and participant.

“Growing up, we always played Thanksgiving football in the backyard,” Browne recalls, adding, “Moving the tradition to Central Park in 2015 with the Thom Browne family was a natural progression. The sport is it. perfect opportunity to bring people together for friendly competition. “

This year, the capsule has added three key styles: a 4-bar mesh athletic training jersey, a 4-bar down overcoat, and a mix-and-match 4 bar down sleeve, including the signature flannel seam of the jacket. brand and a football bag that adds to the menagerie of the creator of the object and the leather goods in the shape of an animal. Starting in 2016 with the launch of the Hector bag, based on Mr. Browne’s dog, the company drastically increased its sales thanks to the charming cult handbags.

Given the fandom that football inspires, Browne’s collection seems ripe for a collaboration with the NFL brand, an idea he would nurture. “I’m always interested in working with people who are the best in their field,” he says.

Basketball star LeBron James has often been seen in Thom Browne clothing. But do shrunken fitted figures work on a linebacker? The creator approaches this conundrum with the scale, as in the case of James he was quoted as saying the star was “just taller”.

“Many footballers have worn the brand. My favorite, and the most important football player to wear my clothes, is my brother-in-law, Joe Wolf, who played for the Arizona Cardinals,” attests the designer.

Browne also dressed Odell Beckham Jr. at the Met Gala in 2019 and the Griffin twins for last year’s football capsule. “Anything can work if it’s for the right occasion, and above all true to themselves and to feel the best in what they’re wearing. Something that makes their personality shine,” he continues.

For football fans unsure if they can shine in Thom Browne, the iconic football shaped bag and backpack is bursting with the same potential as Browne’s dog bags. The house introduced the accessories in 2016 with significant impetus.

The 2021 football collection was first captured in a dedicated campaign shot by Andrews Jacobs at a Bronx football stadium, giving a glimpse of the elegance of these garments in a stadium.

The Thom Browne Football Capsule Collection is available at, in Thom Browne stores around the world, and at specialty retailers around the world starting today, November 25th.e.


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