Thursday 3/10 Insider Buying Report: EXR, CZR


AAs the saying goes, there are many possible reasons for an insider to sell a stock, but only one reason to buy: they expect to make money. So let’s look at two notable recent insider buys.

On Monday, Extra Space Storage head Kenneth M. Woolley bought EXR for $2.11 million, buying 10,500 shares at $200.75 apiece. Bargain hunters can buy EXR at an even lower price than Woolley, with shares trading as low as $196.25 at last check today, 2.2% below Woolley’s buy price . Extra Space Storage is trading down around 0.6% on Thursday.

And on Tuesday, director Michael E. Pegram bought Caesars Entertainment for $895,526, buying 13,000 shares for $68.89 apiece. This purchase is the first made by Pegram in the last twelve months. Caesars Entertainment is trading around 0.2% on Thursday. Pegram was up around 13.0% on the buy at the high point of today’s trading session, with CZR trading as low as $77.83 on Thursday.

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