Tools Every Advanced DIYer Needs


If there’s a DIY project on the list or a repair that needs to be done (and when isn’t it?), It will almost always save you money if you can handle it yourself – same.

When that happens, you want to have the right tools for the job. Most people keep a toolbox at home that contains at least some simple tools (hammers, a few utility screwdrivers, etc.), but these basics can only get you so far. There are some useful but overlooked tools that many people don’t even know exist, and they can make tasks ahead easier.

Read on for seven top-level tools to add to your toolbox.

Set of 2 Trepot rubber strap wrenches, $ 12.99

Trepot 2 pcs Universal Rubber Strap Wrench


$ 18.99

The best tools on the market are those that have multiple uses – practicality and efficiency are important points in the workshop. A strap wrench is the perfect example: it has uses for everything from opening jars to plumbing. With a Set of 2 strap wrenches like this, you are covered for most needs in a single purchase.

Reverse action pliers

Heavy Duty Reverse Action Expando Hand Grippers, $ 18.96

Powerful Hand Tools, Expand-O Pliers, 6.5 “, Reverse Action Collets

Solid hand tools

$ 19.10

Think about that toolbox full of basic tools that you have in the closet, garage, or basement. Chances are you have at least a pair of pliers in there, right? You know the thing: they squeeze things and hold them in place.

What you might not know are reverse action pliers. Instead of squeezing and holding objects between its jaws, reverse-action pliers, like this pair of Strong Hand Tools, work in the opposite direction, which makes them great for pushing against two surfaces and holding things in place that way.

Universal socket

HANPURE Universal Socket Tool, $ 13.99

Super Universal Socket Gad Cool Gadgets Electric Drill Socket Set with Adapter


$ 16.99

Another thing that a lot of people have in their home is a standard socket set. Sockets are great for removing nuts and bolts throughout the home, but finding the perfect size can be a headache. Plus, they don’t really help with removing hooks or other types of fasteners.

This is where a universal socket is delivered. This unique socket can fit any one-quarter inch to three-quarter inch fastener, including irregular shapes like hooks, I-bolts, and more. If you already have a socket set, add it to the collection – or just buy it instead of a full socket set and you’re good to go.

Contour gauge

VARSK Contour Gauge Profile Tool, $ 29.99

VARSK Contour Gauge Profiling Tool (5 + 10 inch Locking)


$ 31.59

If you’ve ever tried woodworking, tiling, carpeting, or installing hardwood floors, you’ll appreciate this choice … job. Measure, mark, measure, mark… it never ends.

Instead of repeatedly trying to measure and profile whatever you’re trying to cut, try a contour gauge. These devices mold themselves around whatever you cut, then lock into place so you can just trace and then cut out the shape, resulting in the perfect fit.


MEISEN 18-in-1 Multi-Tool Snowflakes (3-Pack), $ 16.99

3 Pack Snowflake 18 in 1 Multi Tool, Stainless Steel Snowflake Bottle Opener / Phillips Flat Screwdriver Kit / Wrench


$ 16.99

Multifunction tools can sometimes get a bad rap because they are not as useful as they are described: most of the time it is because these tools come in the form of a pocket knife which is stuffed with all kinds of stuff. random tools and therefore becomes too feature-rich to actually use.

The truth is, a quality multitool really helps. After all, this is the only way to have various tools in one convenient package – or, in this case, three convenient packages. Small enough to fit in your pocket or bag, these snowflakes offer a simple design that is much more useful and easy to use compared to standard pocket knife models.

Nail holder

Jelanry auxiliary pliers for holding nails, $ 7.59

Plastic pliers, auxiliary pliers for household tools


$ 7.59

If you’ve ever hammered and nailed, you’ve probably had the chance to smash your fingers with the hammer once or twice – or miss and cut the appendages of an immediately regrettable volunteer. With this set of auxiliary pliers, you’ll be able to hold nails and screws of all sizes in place, meaning no human sacrifice is required for your next DIY project to be successful.

Air corner

PAFOWO Commercial Grade Pneumatic Wedge 3 Pieces, $ 15.95

3-Piece Upgraded Commercial Grade Air Wedge Bag Pump Professional Leveling Kit & Alignment Tool


$ 15.95

With all kinds of DIY projects, getting everything perfectly leveled and lined up can be one of the most frustrating parts. Especially if you are working alone, trying to do something like hang a door, install a window, or put a device in place can seem almost impossible.

With a Air Wedge Inflatable Wedge, it’s like having a second set of (very powerful) hands. These air bags fill with air with the included pump and can lift up to 2,500 pounds. This makes it easier to level and align awkward, heavy objects – and it’s much easier to get that gallery wall off the list.


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