Valentine’s Day themed road bag sellers 29% more than…


Research by real estate platform, Boomin, has found that living on a Valentine’s Day-related road name could give sellers a substantial boost in 2022, with house prices hovering above- above the national average, having increased by 20% last year.

How the research was conducted

Boomin analyzed the sale prices of real estate sales made in 2021, which contained one of eight Valentine’s Day-themed terms in the road name, including Love, Valentine, Heart, Arrow, Sweet, Rose, Flower and Kiss or Kissing.

A total of 2,494 Valentine’s homes sold across the country, from Allerdale to Amber Valley, Barking to Bury St Edmunds, Guildford to Great Yarmouth, St Helens to Swansea, Windsor to Wrexham and everywhere in between – with homes on roads with Rose in the name of by far the most popular with 1,887 transactions.

How much will buying a property for Valentine’s Day cost buyers?

Homes sold on Valentine’s Roads averaged £293,813 over the past year, the study shows, 4% higher than the current national average in England and Wales . In addition, their value increased by 20% compared to the previous year.

When it comes to the Valentine’s Day-related road name that shows the most love for owners, those with “Love” in the name are rightly the best take. Over the past year, homes sold on Love Roads have averaged £349,000, 29% higher than the current national average, having increased by 22% in value on an annual basis.

They were also the second most popular, with 306 transactions made across Love Lane in Spalding, Love Road in Lowestoft and Love Row in Milton Keynes.

Streets with “Flower” in their name, such as Flower Hill in Reading or Flower Avenue in Nottingham, are also doing very well, with a total of 57 deals for an average sale price of £332,500, up 33% on last year.

Roads named ‘Valentine’ have seen properties sell for an average of £325,000, with owners also fetching over £300,000 on average on roads named ‘Sweet’ (£311,000).

Owners on ‘Heart’-linked road names have enjoyed the biggest increase in values, with the average selling price up 55% on 2020, good news for those who live like Goodheart Way in Leicester or Heartwood Close in Liverpool.

‘Arrow’ (£268,000) and ‘Rose’ (£265,000) also posted strong sales price performances, as well as annual increases in property values.

Which Valentine’s Road Isn’t a Trap?

However, there’s one Valentine’s road name that won’t want to make homeowners squint this Valentine’s Day. Roads with ‘Kiss’ or ‘Kissing’ in the name such as Kissing Gate in Hull not only saw a lower than average selling price of £215,000 in 2021, but this value also fell -23% from to the previous year.

Michael Bruce, CEO and Founder of Boomin, said: “It’s fair to say that as a nation we love our homes and that love has grown even stronger during the pandemic as we have spent so much time buy, upgrade, expand and enjoy them during lockdown.

“While it’s always difficult to let go of a loved one, those considering selling in 2022 may be bewildered when it comes to valuing their home under current market conditions, as home prices have skyrocketed during the pandemic.”

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