VB Rose is the best hidden wedding dress manga


VB Rose is a delicious romantic manga featuring beautiful wedding dresses. Here’s what it’s all about and why it’s absolutely worth checking out.

The Shojo manga explores a plethora of situations one wouldn’t normally find oneself in when it comes to romance. Love triangles, misunderstandings, rivals, and unrequited love are just some of the topics discussed, usually in an everyday setting, although magical settings are also common.

They offer readers an escape, usually with the idea that marriage is the end goal of their OTPs. But what about a series that begins with a wedding instead of ending with one? VB Pinkalso written as Pink Blue Velvet, does exactly that as an adorable love story set in a small bridal shop where brides’ dreams come true.

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Ageha from VB Rose

VB Pink follows high school student and bag maker Ageha Shiroi, who joins her older sister Hibari as she goes shopping for a wedding dress at Velvet Blue Rose. Despite the happy occasion, Ageha is furious because of the circumstances: Hibari is pregnant out of wedlock and marries a man Ageha doesn’t deem “good enough” for her perfect older sister. She and her fiancé were already planning to get married, but the pregnancy delayed the schedule.

Hibari is thrilled to become a wife and mother and to share this experience with Ageha, but the latter initially resists everything as it shatters her vision of her “perfect” older sister. Her anger at the situation gets her kicked out of the consultation by the store owner, but she later returns to apologize.

After an accident leaves one of VB Rose’s two employees, Mitsuya Kuromine, with a hand injury, Ageha works part-time under owner Yukari Arisaka to help make Hibari’s dress before the wedding in a month. While working at the bridal shop, she begins to develop feelings for Yukari, who also begins to fall in love with Ageha. Neither of them know love well, so they don’t confess initially.

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Volume 12 of the manga VB Rose

In addition to her conflicting emotions, her best friend’s younger brother, Nagare Sagashita, is also in love with Ageha and tries several times to come between her and Yukari. VB Pink explores how people perceive those they love, feelings of abandonment, and what it really means to love someone. It also shows the labor involved in designing and creating custom wedding dresses, with several beautiful designs throughout the story.

VB Pink was created in 2004 by Banri Hidaka and published in Hakusensha’s Hana to Yume until 2009, covering 14 volumes and 83 chapters. It was fairly well received despite being one of many lesser known titles released via TokyoPop in the US, but was criticized for falling into some romantic manga cliches. Hidaka worked on other shojo series like I hate you more than anyonecorn VB Pink is his highest rated work on Goodreads. At the time of writing, VB Pink is not featured on any manga app for digital reading, but can be found for around $6 on Amazon.

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