Vogue World partners with Snap on AR Filters and Fashion Try-Ons


vogue World: New York is a celebration of all the ways fashion evolves,” says vogue creative editorial director Mark Guiducci. “It comes at a time when designers have become multidisciplinary creators, innovating in the way we engage with fashion, even virtually.” (vogue and Business in vogue share a parent company, Condé Nast.)

The goal is to take “an age-old brand story and tell it through brand new technology,” says Resh Sidhu, global director of Arcadia, Snap’s creative studio for brand AR. vogue and Snap will promote the vogue Global event via two inspired and branded glasses vogue usable worldwide: “A New Stage”, inspired by the vogue The World Track, allows people to bring versions of the scene to their own surroundings, while “Lit Up” allows for selfies that “mirror the track” through a virtual glow based on the sunset and the moonrise.

AR fitting has become increasingly popular in fashion and beauty. Brands started by testing face makeup and filters (like trying on digital glasses), before skip to articles like shoes and watches. Big names including Gucci, Burberry, Farfetch and Prada tested the buyable AR try-on, and Snap has worked to position itself as a go-to partner for industry AR efforts. In June, the British vogue brought a Snapchat experience to Cannes Lions that allows visitors try on digital items brands such as Versace and Dior.

Brands have also tested Snap’s ability to add a “digital layer” to the world around us, such as Snap’s AR global product manager Carolina Arguelles Navas said to Business in voguethrough upgrades such as store boosts (such as The Nike AR Archive Experience with “artifacts” unlocked via QR codes) or the delivery of a stack of Louis Vuitton suitcases.

As physical fashion weeks resume in cities around the world, pop-ups and shows such as the AR platform Zero10 digital retail store in New York and the artist’s in-person digital show from AR Doddz mode, are should enjoy improvements in AR technology. The vogue The global experience, for example, uses Snap’s ground and sky segmentation technologyand Snap recently made its trial technology available for external apps and developers with the aim of deepening relationships with brands and retailers. Snap has been a clear leader in using AR to social commerce, and now sees over 6 billion AR Lens reads per day. In Snap’s first quarter of 2022, more than 250 million people used Snap’s AR shopping lenses every day on average.


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