“We’re grateful to be alive” – ​​David Tlale explains why this season of his Avon collaboration is filled with color


He is one of those designers that almost everyone would like to have in their closet.

But for years, fans of his work have had to watch celebrities and the rich and famous strut around in his gear, hoping that one day they’ll get there too.

It seemed like a pipe dream, until David Tlale collaborated with Avon, making designer clothes a little more affordable.

The collaboration came about when Avon Turkey Managing Director Mafahle Mareletse crossed paths with the internationally renowned David while attending an Avon roadshow in Polokwane.

Mafahle was impressed with the way women from all walks of life loved David, Avon spokesperson Momin Hukamdad said.

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“Having witnessed David’s popularity across the spectrum and not just with LSM’s upper class audience, his artistic insight and Avon’s ongoing commitment to democratizing luxury fashion by removing the cost barrier of clothing of designers, the ‘made in heaven’ collaboration between two of the iconic brands was born,” he told Drum.

David says he knows so many life-changing stories about Avon, and he was thrilled to work with the beauty and cosmetics brand because that’s what he lives for.

“Avon is not just a brand; it’s a brand that changes lives, it touches people’s lives. I know stories of people who were unemployed, some only selling vegetables, others [sex workers] then they tried to sell Avon and suddenly they were able to make enough money to be able to take their children to school, build their houses, etc. And that led us to collaborate with Avon.

The collaboration was introduced in 2020 with the aim of creating luxury at a lower cost by removing the high cost barrier to designer clothes. This year’s collection is ready and offers new looks on handbags and sunglasses.

“What’s so different about this collection is that we come from a very dark time because of the pandemic. People have lost their jobs, their loved ones, and with this collection we thought we’d bring some colors of jubilee, celebrating colors that bring hope because when we think of color we think of something brighter.We are also grateful to God that we are still alive.

David Talle sunglasses

“Season three was inspired by the journey we have taken with Avon SA, from beginning to understand what the customer wants, to understanding the men and women who also buy and consume Avon on a monthly basis. or even weekly and trying to meet their needs.

“Beyond that, we want to continue to showcase the collaboration between Avon and David Tlale to ensure that we continue to promote the promotion of support for locals, supporting the men and women who sell Avon products every day. .”

He goes out of his way to bring “the essence of David Tlale” to people, he says. Each design is made to make people feel good with a lot of confidence.

“Right now we’re using the David Tlale monogram all around the print. The reason is that we want to bring David Tlale to the consumer, which is a great platform. When we look at the design of the bag, we wanted to accommodate a working girl and a party girl, then watches and sunglasses, it does not go without saying “accessories for days”. We wanted to reach out and make people who consume these products look good without feeling [it in the pocket] in a way, but be like ‘we’re wearing a David Tlale piece, we’re wearing the essence of what the brand stands for.'”

Avon plays a role in making sure these designs see the light of day and that the collection reaches the targeted everyday woman in a cost-effective and practical way, says Momin.

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“One of the main goals is to ensure that we provide our beauty entrepreneurs with engaging products that will excite and meet the needs of their customers, which in turn increases the earning potential of our representatives. The fact that our collaboration has resulted in a release of the Season 3 collection is an affirmation of the positive reception the collaboration has received from our customers and the empowerment of Avon’s beauty entrepreneurs,” he adds.

David Tlale has high hopes for this collaboration and encourages people to support and wear local brands.

“We hope and pray that this collaboration with Avon will continue, hoping that it will expand beyond the borders of South Africa. And our journey as a brand right now where we are is to focus on channel distribution to make sure people can buy local branded products and people are proud to be African and to wear African brands.

“And also by building a legacy of David Tlale, we want to continue to inspire young designers, including one who is still in primary or secondary school, to say boldly, ‘I want to be in the creative space, that whether as a designer or what’ because it is indeed a lucrative activity and in addition, we continue to employ people to fight against unemployment.

David Talle

David Talle handbag

It’s also “looking at the opportunities of how we can bring this manufacturing to South Africa to make sure production takes place here,” says David.

“We all want to stand up for the garment and textile industry, it’s not just about us, it’s about that lady or that gentleman behind a sewing machine who makes a garment etc. It’s high time that our government is beginning to support and understand the garment and textile industry.”

He adds: “In the 1980s and because of the influx of imports, we started to see the decline in manufacturing.

“It is therefore time for the government and the private sectors to get involved in order to grow our economy.”


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