What would you do with $ 1.5 million? LPGA players share wishlists


NAPLES, Fla .– Hannah Green has won $ 974,350 in 31 events over the past two LPGA seasons.

It took just one check to eclipse that total.

The 24-year-old Aussie has been announced as the winner of this year’s Aon Risk Reward Challenge, a season-long competition in which players compete for the low cumulative total on designated risk-reward holes while throughout the year. Green’s price was a million dollars.

“For me this will change my life,” said Green, who is looking for a house in Perth, although rising house prices have delayed his goal. It won’t be a problem now.

Now imagine if she won the $ 1.5 million first place check given to the winner of the CME Group Tour championship this Sunday at Tiburon Golf Club.

“I have no idea,” Green said Thursday when asked what she would do with the winner’s check. “I take it for a bigger house?” I am not too sure. Maybe even a house here [in the U.S.]. I didn’t really think about it [the $1.5 million] too much, but it’s obviously on everyone’s mind.

“I have a feeling that when it hits the bank account, you really won’t know what to do with it. Hopefully a logical purchase.

Green was not alone in hoping to buy the house of her dreams. Jeongeun Lee6, who leads the CME after a first round, 8-under-64, was already looking, as was So Yeon Ryu, who plans to move from Dallas to Las Vegas this winter.

“I’m just going to move in with my friend and see how it goes,” Ryu said. “If I can get that big check, maybe there will be more options for picking out houses. “

Megan Khang, meanwhile, is considering a home for her parents in Rockland, Massachusetts.

“I would definitely buy my mom her dream house,” Khang said. “She always wanted this, and it has always been a goal of mine to give her what she wants, because they gave me everything I want and need.… Ideally, j Told my mom we could tear down the house and rebuild from scratch, and obviously with the market so high right now it’s a little hard to do, but the 1.5 would definitely help.

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Gaby Lopez also thinks of others.

“You probably just have to look at my family and see how I can help them,” she said.

Other players, like Wei-Ling Hsu, have a new car on their wishlist.

“I really like BMW cars, so I thought I might get one,” said Hsu, who currently drives a Nissan Murano and hopes to switch to a sports car. So what would she do with the SUV?

“Maybe give it to my dad,” Hsu replied.

Or maybe Minjee Lee wins if she doesn’t win Sunday at Tiburon.

“I would like an SUV,” Lee said. “I have a Honda and love it, but we can have another.”

Lee said she’s not a big shopper – she’s only bought one designer bag, a Louis Vuitton handbag, in her life – but the same can’t be said of her counterpart, Nelly Korda.

“There have definitely been designer bags,” Korda said of his past major purchases. “It’s all about the designers. I mean, you can’t go wrong with Chanel. Louis is nice because the leather lasts a very long time.

However, Korda, who tops the LPGA’s earnings list this season with $ 2,237,157 earned, said she would use a potential bonus on Sunday to treat her family.

“Nice Christmas presents,” she says.

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Mina Harigae also has guilty pleasure. She and her fiance are avid collectors of Jordan shoes. Harigae, who wore Jordan-branded golf shoes on Thursday, only owns about six pairs of non-golfers, but her fiance has “about 30”.

“We have like an upstairs loft,” Harigae said. “We just put on all our golf gear and all our shoes. Just when I see a really good pair I find it hard to pull the trigger sometimes, but when I can’t help but think of a pair, that’s when I will certainly have one.

Harigae has already spent $ 250 on a pair, which, while reasonable, remains her highest buy, but “I might splurge depending on how this week goes.”

At 20, Yuka Saso is the youngest player in the CME group of 60, but she had the most mature response from those surveyed.

“I’ll probably save him,” Saso said.


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