Where to Find the Best Pins for Disney Pin Trading at the Parks


Since the year 2000, the Disney pin business has been a hobby for many Disney fans and park enthusiasts. A keepsake hunt that never stops yielding, Disney lapel pins come in all shapes, sizes, colors and types. Finding good-priced Real Disney Pins to prepare for a trip can be a challenge for some pin hunters, so we’ve got the scoop on getting packs of tried-and-true Real Disney Pins to redeem at the parks!

Where to Find the Best Pins for Disney Pin Trading at the Parks

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Scrapers (false pins). We have seen them all. The terribly shaped, odd, and poorly colored pins lack official Disney markings on the back. Non-Disney scrappers or pins cannot be exchanged for real pins in the parks. Disneyfangirl has a great article on how to spot a scratch pin, and what to do about them. You will see jagged edges, bad designs, unfilled enamel, etc. and you will know what you have! Not to mention that the backs of these pins often lack proper markings.

disney scrapper pin
Credit: disneyfangirl.wordpress.com
Credit: Disneyfangirl.wordpress.com

This means that when you meet a Cast Member, Official Disney Resort Board of Directors (or now Mystery Drawer), or in-the-know Guest, you’ll need a genuine, official Disney pin to redeem. And even then, sometimes you will be denied. For example, Disney Tour Pins, Adventure Pins, or Event Pins may or may not be accepted by merchants – this is more of a limited edition keepsake item than a trade item. So where are you to get your pins? There are a few guaranteed sources to buy genuine Disney Trading Pins.

shopDisney or Disney Pin Trading Posts

Official Disney pins can still be obtained from Disney. Either online from shopDisney’s selection or by visiting a pin counter at a Disney Park or Disney Resort. Our favorite place to browse a wide selection of pins is the Pin Trading Post at Frontierland of Magic Kingdom. You’ll see pins organized by type, size, theme, mystery packs, or sometimes organized by price.

shopDisney pin packs often come in packs of 4 or more and are a bargain to trade. You’ll get more redemptions for your dollar, starting with a pin pack or a selection of purses in a mystery pin pack. This means you’ll be able to go from a basic pin to something more desirable (and that changes depending on what you want!)

Pin Trading Cast Members
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Online Mouse Pins

An outside seller with a real heart and honest pins is MousePinsOnline.com. This husband-and-wife team loves creating memories for their customers and often offers special handbag deals with a free lanyard. Each pin is carefully packaged and guaranteed to be authentic. If you want to trade anything for whatever you want, these purses are great fun to open, trade, and collect. The MousePinsOnline team states from its FAQ page, “All of our pins are copyrighted Disney pins, and each pin is stamped “©Disney”. They are redeemable wherever Disney pins are redeemed. We’ve had a lot of feedback from people who have bought pins from us to redeem. No one informed us that they could not exchange pins purchased from us.

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Walt Life

Walt Life is a nice and unique subscription service offering boxes of goods, but also lines of pins. You can choose to receive one Disney Trading Pin per month, with free cancellation at any time. Choose from a unique pin, one from a collection, wonder Where star wars themes.

Personally selected Walt Life items are purchased for the customer, allowing for more of a personalized pin, rather than a purse, to be redeemed. Either way, the choice is yours. Walt Life says: “At Walt Life, we guarantee you’ll be happy with your first monthly subscription box. If you are not, you can send it back to us within 30 days for 100% of your money… Most of our amazing fans love us and stay for many years.

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eBay… At Your Own Risk

There are good sources of pins and some not so good. eBay seems to be the source of anger when it comes to grabbing pin bags. Without seller’s warranty or refund policy, you could stuck with a bunch of scrappers. Disney fans who turn to these mass seller sites will need to exercise discretion and do some research to find genuine Disney pin sellers.

Disneyland Pin Exchange
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The sources above (Walt Life, shopDisney, Mousepins) and a few others will give you the goodness you need to make a bunch of redemptions at pin redemption stops at Disney Parks. Of course, when in doubt, buy genuine Disney Pins at Disney Parks, starting with a small collection and start trading as you see fit. You might find the start of a collection you can’t live without, and if so, we’ll see you at the Walt Disney World Resort notice board!

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