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Animal Crossing already respectable popularity skyrocketed with the release of New Horizons, and has led to many cross products with brands such as ColourPop and Puma. The series now lends itself to many types of merchandise, including ColourPop’s wide assortment of makeup products inspired by Animal crossing NPCs and island fruits, as well as sneakers from Puma. Animal Crossing The cute aesthetic has drawn gamers for years to various Nintendo consoles, and now does the same with its products.

The wide range of product types Animal crossing has been placed in have for the most part met with great success. Most ColourPop products sold out in less than half an hour when they were first released, and Puma shoes are in the process of being back in stock. Other lines of crossbreeds have seen similar success, with the Build-a-Bear workshop Animal crossing soft toys are proving particularly popular. Even the Japanese diary brand Hobonichi’s 2022 New Horizons-The themed cover was the best selling for their A6 size range and the second best selling for their A5 range.


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There is almost infinite potential for Animal crossing cross products that would be successful. The best things to do next, however, would be with products adjacent to what has already been released. These are the types of products that would work well based on their proximity to items that have already been successful, but different enough to encourage fans to buy them and use with what they have already purchased. At the same time, the more diverse the range of products offered, the larger the audience will be to buy them. For example, other cosmetic and fashion items will surely do well after the initial success of ColourPop Animal crossing makeup collection. As of now some of the best products Animal crossing could find themselves associated with nail care, bags and stationery as they will reach that sweet spot between an established consumer base and potential for future growth.

Possible crossovers for Animal Crossing nail care

Animal Crossing Nail Care Crossover Labelle

The Animal crossing The ColourPop collection included eye shadow palettes, compact powder blushes, and even lip tints, but nothing for the nails. The brand dipped its fingers into nail polish in 2017, but has since remained focused on skin care products. The success of ColourPop’s collaboration with Animal crossing shows that there is a demand for Animal crossing thematic cosmetics and nail care products seem like the next logical step.

Brands like Sinful Colors offer countless nail polish colors in a wide assortment of finishes that could easily be themed after different Animal crossing color schemes of the characters. The brand has used uniquely shaped confetti in their colors in the past, such as skulls in a Halloween themed color. This opens up many possibilities for elegant varnishes that subtly refer to the Animal crossing series, like a light brown glaze with Nook green leaf confetti, or a pastel green glaze with confetti in the shape of bags of bells. There are even more fun possibilities that nail polish can produce with simpler colors, like pink with glitter to represent Animal Crossing Isabelle, iridescent purple based on Label, and red with star-shaped glitter for Celeste.

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Snap nails are another possible product that would work well with Animal crossing drawings. KISS and its sister brand ImPRESS Nails sell press-on nails featuring both solid colors and unique designs. Not only would Animal crossing-Inspired designs are adorable to wear, but they can also be available in adult and kids sizes. Families who play Animal crossing: new horizons together can also do their nails together, whether painting them with varnish or using pressure nails.

Possible collaborations with Animal Crossing – Handbags and bags

Animal Crossing Bag Crossover Kicks handbag

Anyone can use bags, so it’s no surprise that they are often included in special edition video game packages. Of Shin Megami Tensei V to the controversial canvas bags of Fallout 76, video game themed bags are nothing new. A title like Animal crossing, with extensive character customization and fashionable items to wear, would be particularly suitable for collaborating with a brand that sells bags like the ones the player can equip on their in-game character.

The Vera Bradley brand has made collaborations with series such as Harry potter and Peanuts and with brands like Disney. While generally known for her floral and cashmere designs, Vera Bradley has also found success with designs that include animals and large non-repeating prints, in addition to the aforementioned collaborations. They also produce a wide assortment of bag types, from tote bags to more traditional handbags, from backpacks to travel bags, and even accessories like wallets, key chains and blankets, which would be suitable. all to Animal crossing patterns, colors and designs.

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Potential designs could include various Animal crossing NPCs, villagers and iconic buildings. There could be different designs for each of the four seasons, changing not only the color but even the trees and characters shown in the games themselves. A summer design might have Kapp’n, palm trees, summer seashells, and octopus villagers versus a fall design that might instead have fall colored hardwoods, maple leaves, Brewster and some deer villagers, as potential examples. This would give fans different bags that they could use all year round and be fun to coordinate with their Animal crossing-themed makeup and shoes. Animal crossing the accessories the brand makes in this hypothetical scenario could spruce up the bags and outfits fans already have.

Animal Crossing Potential Stationary Crossings

Animal Crossing Stationary Crossover Isabelle

Stationery products include everyday items that would be great for Animal crossing. Hobonichi’s incredible success in 2022 Animal Crossing: New Horizons-the themed planner cover confirmed there was interest, while the amount of planning needed to decorate an island in New Horizons makes it a game worth keeping a journal for. Even fans who don’t plan their in-game activities and use a diary for their daily life still use things like notebooks, notepads, pens, and desk organizers.

There are many brands of stationery and office products that could team up with Animal crossing, but one in particular that stands out is Erin Condren. This brand already collaborates with Sanrio, which has already crossed Animal crossing at a time New leaf and New Horizons. Erin Condren makes many kinds of planners and notebooks that can meet different fan needs, as well as notepads and other desk accessories that would brighten up any room if printed with it. Animal crossing patterns. Like a potential bag crossover, stationery can be used by anyone, and notebook covers and pen bodies can feature any combination of characters, settings, and other design details. Animal crossing series to make them truly unique and sought after by fans. Best of all, they are convenient, so they will receive constant use and constant demand.

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