You shopped wrong at M&S


MOST shoppers will only visit the posh Marks and Spencer supermarket on special occasions.

That usually means saving up for the store’s iconic glittering gin globes at Christmas or the latest Percy Pig product – but we’ve got tips to help you stretch your M&S budget.


You can easily increase your budget at M&S ​​if you know howCredit: Alamy

You can make the most of all the best multi-buy deals, and a former supermarket worker gave us the inside scoop on the best time to pack discounted food bits.

Some buyers have even discovered that they have hidden “freebies” in their Sparks accounts, so it’s worth checking to see if you have one.

Plus, the ever-popular “dinner on the spot” offer is back this weekend, just in time to spoil Mom, so we’re revealing how to take advantage of the limited-time offer.

Read on to discover five different ways to cut costs at M&S.

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Free Finds

Marks and Spencer shoppers have revealed in the past how they buy gifts from the store with hidden rewards points.

Over Christmas, a customer told how she managed to claim a free £5 Percy Pig box of novelty biscuits.

She revealed how an email sent to her M&S rewards address contained a “free gift” she could add to her account.

It used to be that you could earn points for every purchase you made in the store, but M&S ​​ditched the system in favor of sending cash to their store’s loyal customers and an occasional free gift.

It is therefore worth checking your account if you are registered to see what you could claim on your next store.

Bargain hunters claim that prices are random, and sometimes that can be determined by how much you spend at the store.

One previously said, “Last time I had free pig wrapper, and today I got free chocolate Pollock caterpillars.”

But another was disappointed, adding: ‘Not everyone gets the same offers, I haven’t had anything good in ages.

Dine, well done

One of M&S’ most popular offerings is the Dine in for two range.

Typically this will be a weekly deal which costs £10 (although the price has recently gone up to £12), but on major occasions the deal is a bit more expensive.

Last month, on Valentine’s Day, the store offered a Dine in deal for £20, for example.

The menu included items like melting camembert, sirloin steak and prosecco – and it would have normally cost shoppers up to £16.50 more to buy outside of the limited time offer.

The deal can be a good way to get everything you need for the perfect meal at one fixed price – and you can save a bundle if you choose the more expensive items.

With Mother’s Day approaching this weekend, the Dine in for £20 offer is back.

This weekend’s deal includes a main course to roast, three sides and a dessert to share for £20 that the whole family can enjoy.

A £20 offer is still pretty steep for most budgets, so another tip is to leave it until AFTER the weekend to splash.

After Valentine’s Day this year, M&S halved the price of its romantic Dine in for Two.

That made it a steal of £10 for all the same freebies, but that means hanging the fire on the celebrations for a few days.

The only thing you’ll need to bear in mind is that there might not be as much choice and stock is only dependent on what’s left of the event – this means it can vary from one store to another.

Sale outside

The store, while having higher prices than its budget rivals most of the time, is no stranger to sales of its own.

Last week, he launched a huge clothing sale where shoppers could get up to 90% off.

Leggings and tops started from just 99p and you can also get underwear for 49p.

On the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook page, shoppers revealed how they managed to get the store’s best deals.

One wrote: “M&S is 90% sold. Got my daughter leggings and tops for 99p each and women’s underwear from 49p each. Lots of great deals in the growth of babies, etc.”

Another said: ‘The upstairs neighbor went to their 90% sale last year or the year before and came back with bags and bags of stuff for so cheap!’

“There were 90% off at both of mine in town,” said a third.

Now that the weather is starting to warm up most stores, including M&S, will try to cycle out all their winter stock, so now is the best time to buy cheap sweaters and coats and more during the sales. of spring.

But remember, it’s only a bargain if you were planning on buying it anyway – you shouldn’t go broke just because something was discounted.

Major in multiple purchases

No trip to Marks and Spencers is complete without tossing a packet or two of Percy Pigs or Colin the Caterpillar sweets into your basket.

And that last one is exactly what you MUST do when splashing the candies.

M&S is still offering the treats as part of a two for £3 deal, so it pays to buy in pairs if you’re stocking up.

Each pack alone can cost around £1.65, so you’re saving at least 30p in the multi-buy deal.

But if you don’t need two or more packs, don’t buy double the amount for the multi-buy offer – you could go over budget.

stick them

Great deals on yellow stickers are like gold dust to some shoppers.

Supermarkets, including M&S, will often reduce the price of foods close to their use-by date to move inventory and prevent food waste – and the store will flag these discounts with yellow stickers.

Sometimes shoppers can save up to 75% on products tagged this way, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the store.

A former M&S employee told The Sun that late afternoon is when you’re most likely to pick up bargains.

Emily Barker, 23, who worked at the chic supermarket’s Birmingham branch in 2021, said: “They are doing second cuts (so shoppers yellow stickers) later in the day.

“So if you go there, stuff that has today’s date, or today’s date on it, will be cheap.”

Of course, this can vary from store to store, and shoppers will always flock to unearth yellow sticker bargains at a glance. Therefore, what is offered at your local store may differ from others and availability may be limited.

You can also shop at competing stores if you’re trying to cut the cost of your groceries.

M&S isn’t known as the cheapest in the first place, so any bargains you manage to get can still be more expensive than competitors.

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