11 brands giving back with every purchase in 2022


Act rather than talk.

Well, where your heart is, at least. Using your money for good is a good thing, especially when you can get what you need and give it all back at the same time.

This is the idea behind many partnerships between brands and charities, collaborating for the greater good and forming giving missions that donate a portion of the profits to a plethora of causes.

Whether you want to shop more locally, support efforts to preserve our planet, fund educational equality and more, chances are there’s a brand whose mission statement lines up and can donate on your behalf through a purchase.

To help you shop with your heart, we’ve rounded up brands with giving programs and charitable partnerships you can feel good about shopping in 2022. This list will be updated periodically for the holidays and monthly. awareness, so be sure to bookmark this article and come back often.


Hike through the rainforest without ever leaving home with Cariuma’s Give Back program. For every purchase of their shoes, they will plant two new trees in the Brazilian rainforest to offset carbon emissions and fight deforestation.

“Feeding the planet is a cause close to our hearts at Cariuma. That’s why we decided to start our own reforestation program in the homeland of our founders, Brazil, where tropical forests are home to an increasing number of endangered plants and animals.

Four different charities on a pink background
pink moon

Get glowing skin and feel good about yourself when shopping at Pink Moon. The brand continually gives back to a range of charitable partnersincluding the foundations of sustainable food equality, women’s empowerment and animal rights.

This month, in honor of Black History Month, Pink Moon increased its donation to the Loveland Foundation from 1% to 5% of every purchase, helping to connect black girls and women with therapists and offering free sessions to promote mental health.

A necklace on a white background
SVNR Jewelry

Rock stunning jewelry designs and help build a local neighborhood with every purchase. SVNR has a new collection of necklaces and earrings, each with a 100% return of net proceeds to Black Bed-Stuy Building.

This foundation aims to protect and preserve the black community of Bed Stuy, New York, by providing financial assistance to black-owned businesses and organizations.

A range of six products for social causes
Social goods

This brand was founded on social awareness, even taking its name from this mission. Every item sold on their site is donated to nonprofits, for a total of over 60 different charities covering women’s rights, mental health awareness and more.

“On average, we donate 25% of the revenue from each product sold. The exact percentage ranges from 10% to 100% of revenue and is determined by our partnership with the nonprofit,” their mission statement reads.

To see which item fits which charity, read the product description for each, or shop by cause collections, for black history month, Women’s rights and more.

Three PopSockets
pop socket

Flaunt your favorite cause every time you pick up your phone with PopSocket. Not only are the small phone holders and stands very useful, but if you purchase the collections from their nonprofit partner PopGrip and PopSocket, they donate 50% of net product sales to that organization.

Some of the causes include breast cancer awareness and research, animal rights, suicide prevention and many more, all found here.

A white hoodie with "100% human" on the back

Head to Everlane’s 100% Human Collection to support their partnership with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). for the cause.

A range of black t-shirts, underwear and socks

Did you know that socks, underwear and t-shirts are the most requested items at homeless shelters? Help the homeless by shopping at Bombas, which offers a buy-and-donate policy.

“We exist to help support the homeless community and to raise awareness of an under-reported issue in the United States,” the site reads. “Thanks to your support, Bombas has donated over 60 million pieces of clothing through more than 3,500 donor partners across the country.”

A child having his eyes checked
Warby Parker

Do you understand why giving back is so important? Help the world see things a little clearer with Warby Parker’s Give Back program. With each purchase, they offer a pair of glasses to those who need them. They also administer basic eye exams and sell glasses at affordable prices to meet the growing demand for eye care.

“Since day one, more than eight million pairs of glasses have been distributed through our Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program. Alleviating the problem of visual impairment is at the heart of what we do, and with your help, our impact continues to expand,” the site reads.

A black and white photo of two boys holding backpacks

If you take your collection of bags for granted, this should be the next one you buy. STATE Bags wants to make sure every child has a well-stocked backpack to go to school, so for every bag sold, they donate one to a child in need.

“Our giving initiatives include donating fully-packed backpacks at our bag drop-off rallies, fueling #WhatDoWeTellTheKids activations and special projects with partner charities and schools we believe in so deeply,” reads- we on the site.

A pair of blue shoes

TOMS was the first to buy, donate a company, sending millions of pairs of shoes to those in need. Today, the business has pivoted to meet changing demands, investing profits in grassroots organizations to invest in the planet and community organizations.

“We believe in a fairer world. That’s why we invest ⅓ of profits for grassroots good, including cash grants and partnerships with community organizations, to drive lasting change,” the site reads.

Two women cleaning garbage from nature
united by blue

Join United By Blue in their efforts to clean up the earth, one pound of trash at a time. For every product purchased, they pledge to remove one pound of waste from our oceans.

Plus, many of their items are already made from recycled and unused materials, helping to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

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