3 brands online that sell great looking leather bags for 50% less than what you are used to paying


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Screenshot 24/08/2017 at 4:34:32 p.m.

Pictured: Cuyana structured leather tote, $ 195.


Leather is something that always seems to come with a high profit margin and has nonetheless remained a staple of quality accessories, in large part because of its durability and functionality: a good leather bag goes with it. just about anything and can take the punches of everyday life throwing at him.

However, as you might learn from browsing the digital landscape a bit, around 50% of that steep price goes towards rent at an expensive department store and premium for famous brands.

It’s easy to tell the quality of the leather in person, but much more difficult by scrolling through the images on the company’s website. Without first hand experience or the leather to rub between your fingers, spending more than $ 100 seems riskier than you are willing to commit to.

Below are three luxury leather brands that we have assured the quality for you.

You can get the leather bags you want – which can withstand everyday wear and tear – as high in quality as a department store, without the extra costs that add nothing to your bag’s value.


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