A lens cap was the one thing I couldn’t buy at the Photography Show – but why?


Is there a shortage of lens caps? Many people believe it! I lost the lens cap of my Sony FE 90mm 2.8 Macro G OSS (opens in a new tab) this weekend at the Photography and Video Show 2022, and although I have a spare at home, I thought there was bound to be a suitable lens cap I could buy at the show, but I was wrong .

The 2022 Photography and Video Show kicked off this weekend at the NEC in Birmingham, and amid the exciting antics and photo opportunities at every turn, I lost my lens cap.

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Losing my lens cap is not unusual for me, as unfortunately I always lose small items and think they are in my back pocket by mistake. Don’t worry but I now needed something to protect my lens when I was getting it in and out of my bag – luckily I was at the Photography Show (opens in a new tab)! Best possible place to buy the replacement cap I needed at the time…right?

After heading to the Sony booth, the first point of call on Saturday, unfortunately they didn’t have the lens cap I needed. Continuing my quest for a cap, I headed to the accessories centre, the London Camera Exchange, the Society of Disabled Photographers, Wex, and basically every other stall that sold camera cases or accessories, without hit.

It was very weird that at the number one place and photography event in the UK to get exclusive deals on gear and camera, I couldn’t find a single cap of objective ! One person I spoke to at the Camera World stand even suggested that there might be a shortage in the UK as caps are getting harder and harder to come by.

Sony employee at booth (Image credit: Beth Nicholls)

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While this in no way spoiled my Photography Show experience, I still had an amazing time meeting and exploring all the different brands and shopping for Photography Show exclusives that I couldn’t have find elsewhere (and let alone showroom deals), it was still very odd that out of over 250 of the biggest brands in the business, none of them had a lens cap for sale.

(Image credit: Beth Nicholls)

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The Photography and Video Show 2022 will close tomorrow, Monday 19th September, as a mark of respect for the National Day of Mourning in the UK. However, the show will reopen on Tuesday for a whole series of professional masterclasses, live lectures and panels.

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