Balenciaga’s £195 lace-up earrings toast as fashion house ‘takes liberties’


Balenciaga is known for creating wacky shoes, bags and accessories, and the brand’s latest drop is no different.

From heeled crocs to Ikea-style trash bags and tote bags, the Spanish fashion house’s designs are sure to be an acquired taste.

Netizens are rinsing the brand, famous for its chunky Speed ​​sneakers and Hourglass bag, online this week thanks to another bizarre product.

Wait until you see these earrings…

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Balenciaga drops lace up earrings

The latest accessory launch from the fashion label is a pair of earrings that look like shoelaces and are literally called Shoelace Bow Earrings.

It’s as if Balenciaga took a pair of his classic black and white striped laces found on a pair of Triple S sneakers and turned them into jewelry.

The huge laces are tied in a bow shape and have a piece of metal attached to the back that you thread through your ear.

They retail for £195 on the Matches website and are in the new season section, which shows they just dropped this month.

“Balenciaga’s black bow earrings are crafted from lace, highlighting Demna’s ability to incorporate everyday objects into the house’s jewelry collections,” the description reads.

However, wearing an everyday item like jewelry is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, and the accessory is roasting online.

Roasted lace earrings on Twitter

Balenciaga is criticized for the exorbitant price, with someone writing: “Wtf Balenciaga came out with a lace earring for 250 USD?”

“Balenciaga’s new lace earrings that are a lace glued to an earring are $261. That’s enough to give every American $1 million. Appalled,” said another one.

A third social media user added: “Balenciaga selling lace-up earrings for £195 in this climate is insane.”

A person said the fashion label is ‘taking liberties’ by selling lace-up earrings for nearly £200.

Others roast the odd design, with just one person Tweeter“If you go out and buy these ‘Balenciaga lace-up earrings’, you’re a wild human.”

@BALENCIAGA just try to see what they’ll get away with and they win every time. You’ve seen them all lace-up earrings » said another one.

The fashion house launches shopping bags

It comes just weeks after the fashion label was ridiculed for designing leather bin bags.

The Trash Pouch handbag debuted on Balenciaga’s Fall ’22 runway and is expected to hit store shelves very soon.

Inspired by a trash bag, it costs $1,790 and comes in four different colorways: black, white and red, blue and black, or yellow and black.

Speaking to WWD, Demna said: ‘I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make the world’s most expensive trash bag because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?

The design quickly went viral on Twitter and sparked a number of memes, with one person writing:

Someone else said:

A third person adds:

What wacky product will the fashion house design next?

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