Body spill raises concerns, another body found in sports bag


The Nyanga Community Police Forum (CPF) has raised concerns over the dumping of dead bodies on private residential properties in Crossroads.

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On Friday August 19, another body was found abandoned in someone’s yard, this time of a young boy in a sports bag.

A few weeks ago, the body of a 15-year-old Aviwe Mgosi was found thrown into a wheelie bin inside a yard by an identified suspect, five houses away. The suspect has been arrested.

Nyanga CPF Chairman Dumisani Qwebe said the family had identified the body.

According to the boy’s mother, who has come forward to claim the child’s body, he left the house after 6pm to play.

The child was however not reported as missing and the mother did not come forward until after the body was found, reports IOL. The dumping of bodies in people’s yards is getting out of hand, especially the killing of people.

“It is unacceptable that in 19 days two bodies have been found,” Qwebe said.

Community crime activist Patrick Mwanda, who belongs to Crush Crime which patrols the community, said it was the third body to be dumped in the area in the past year.

Mwanda said the yard where the body was found was a dump as it was not closed.

Mwanda expressed his concerns saying, “We called a community meeting on Thursday as this is getting out of hand. A community member offered to buy building materials to close the yard as the owner is an old man who is left alone and not well.

He added that it is concerning and it is not about the specific yard but rather about the safety of the area.

“While in the past we have patrols in the late evening hours, we lack support from the CPF and the police,” he said.

Police spokesman FC van Wyk said the circumstances surrounding the boy’s death were being investigated and the cause of the boy’s death had not yet been established.

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