Coles is eliminating plastic bags from the fruit and vegetable department


Forget what Aqua said in 1997 with her hit song “Barbie Girl” – life in plastic is NOT fantastic. Clearly, no one knows this better than Coles, who introduced a ban on plastic bags for fruits and vegetables in a slew of stores in a bid to go plastic-free.

Long gone are the days of putting your cute little bundle of asparagus in a bag and sitting it next to a bag of grapes, a bag of zucchini, a bag of cucumbers and a bag of broccoli in your basket. You may have gone out of the house to run errands, but you end up with a pile of plastic as well.

All plastic bags used for fruit and vegetables will be removed from 12 ACT stores from September 14.

It makes sense that the store would first test this in the ACT, there are only 8 people living there. There are fewer people to offend if things go wrong.

If you desperately need a small bag for your imperial tangerines, you’ll either need to bring a small bag into the store with you or purchase a reusable mesh bag from Coles.

To help all ACTors coming to Coles, the company is offering a free three-pack of reusable bags to shoppers who spend $5 on fruits and vegetables. So throw a single lettuce in your basket and you should be good to go.

The offer will last from August 31 to September 13. It conveniently ends when the plastic bags are removed from the produce aisles, so if you want your free little bags, you better act fast.

Shit, I can even drive the three hours just to have my own reusable bags. That and I would like to visit Macca which is halfway between Sydney and Canberra. It really is the most perfect Macca in the country with the most perfect parking.

“This will be the first time a major Australian supermarket has tested a fully reusable method to help customers purchase their fresh fruit and vegetables,” said Coles’ chief operations and sustainability officer. Matt Swindells in a press release.

“We will be watching the reaction of our ACT customers closely. This information will inform our thinking on whether to roll this out to our customers nationwide. »

Single-use plastics will still be used in the deli section and for some online orders.

Here’s hoping it rolls out across the country soon. Less plastic is always a good thing.

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