Disposable gas cartridges should be recycled after barbecues: EPA


Taipei, Sept. 10 (CNA) People who buy disposable gas cartridges are urged to dispose of them properly by placing them with recyclable waste, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said Saturday during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, when barbecues are usually a popular activity.

Pressurized gas canisters used in camping stoves and outdoor grills can explode and start a fire on the garbage truck if they are thrown away with compost and solid waste, the EPA warned.

Earlier this year, two sanitation workers in New Taipei’s Tucheng district suffered burns to their limbs and necks when a gas canister exploded and ignited a fire in the back of a garbage truck , as the garbage was compressed, the EPA said.

The correct way to dispose of a gas canister is to make sure it’s completely empty and used before placing it in a separate bag for recycling, the EPA said.

The canister should not be emptied by puncturing it, as this can cause an explosion, the EPA warned, adding that users should burn off any remaining gas in an open outdoor area.

The same method of disposal applies to other types of pressurized cans, including aerosol sunscreens, hair sprays, insect sprays and aerosol paints, he said.


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