Exclusive: “And Just Like That” Costume Designers Reveal Secrets Hidden In Carrie’s Wardrobe



there is no doubt. From bird fascinators to wide flowery brims, think of any type of hat and Carrie Bradshaw has probably worn it.





Indeed, Rogers and Santiago had a lot of fun putting the wardrobe together, maybe sometimes a little too much great fun – while the show was filmed in NYC, Parker generated a lot of buzz online when she was pictured in several rather, uh, unique outfits.

“Often people would see outfits on the street when [Sarah Jessica Parker] was going back and forth on set and they were like, “Why is she in those scarves and rubber gloves?” What happened to these costumers? Why is she dressed like this? It was funny to see people trying to figure that out, “Rogers laughs.



Of course, one of the best nostalgic, and very satisfying, elements to AJLT are the wardrobe items we have already seen in the original Sex and the city series. From shoes to the most subtle accessories, the items that once made Carrie Bradshaw a fashion icon continue to this day.

Much of this comes from archives belonging to Parker herself, who owns many pieces that Rogers and the show’s former stylist Patricia Field were already familiar with when they worked on SATC together.

“It is such an unusual and rare thing that there is this spectacle and [Parker] has this archive where you can just go and say, “Oh, let’s get that original Miu Miu snakeskin out.” I can’t think of another show like this. It’s like lightning strikes twice, ”says Rogers.

In AJLT, we saw the resurgence of Carrie’s Gucci belt bag, her studded belt (which was affectionately named “Roger” because it was used so much) and, of course, those Manolo Blahnik’s blue, to name a few.

“We can take them out after all these years and say, ‘Here’s Roger and the Fendi bag and the Manolo’s. That’s a very specific thing to have after all these years,” Santiago adds.


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Parker’s contribution also cannot be overstated. The actor is so synonymous with his on-screen counterpart that she herself often thinks of things before the designers.

“I have a story for this,” Rogers tells us enthusiastically.

“[Parker] came to the dressing room in episode 4 [of AJLT] and it was like, ‘I really feel like cluster earrings.’ And she sort of had this great idea, because earrings can be boring – you can get tired of wearing your nails or pearls and wearing them on TV in every scene. ”

“Danny and I were like, ‘Why haven’t I thought about that ?! That’s a great idea! It’ll look so pretty with your hair and it’s something different,'” she continues, adding : “So Danny and I were on the hunt for every cluster earring we could find.”

Found them, they did. Santiago tells us that the earrings we’ll see Carrie don in the series are Schiaparelli designs from the 1950s.

18 years have passed since the last episode of Sex and the city aired and almost 12 years since the last film’s release, there’s no denying that the world has changed dramatically during that time.

And of course Carrie and her friends Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) have changed in their own ways too, but one thing has always stayed the same.

“Their style that was originally created for them, we kind of brought it up to date,” says Santiago.

“It’s still those women, they still have that root that made them look stylish back then and they’re still the same people now. With Carrie you will always be able to distinguish her from the crowd, you will be.”

Yes, we definitely will – hats, belts, Manolo Blahnik and all.

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